Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2218

Chapter 2218 Suspicion

“Yes, but my stomach is a little upset.” Francesca rubbed her belly. “It feels like I ate something wrong, but I haven’t eaten anything today except for a glass of milk.”

The first lady paled upon her words. “It must be the hunger. You’ve been working so hard today that you didn’t even have time to grab a bite, thus causing an upset stomach…”

“I’ll be fine. I just need to drink more water when I get home,” said Francesca. “I’ll be fine even if I ate something wrong. I’m immune to poison.”

The first lady was stunned. Is she serious? “Ms. Felch!” Monica shouted. “Coming.” Francesca quickly went down the stairs. “Why did you come so late at night?”

“To pick you up.” Monica gave Francesca a once-over and asked in a low voice, “Are you okay?” “I’m fine.” Francesca yawned. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“All right, that’s good to hear. I was worried that you might tire yourself out.” Monica heaved a sigh of relief. “I’ll go get your medical kit.”

“Oh, right.” Francesca had forgotten all about her medical kit. “It’s in the guest room. Please help to get it for me.”

“Okay.” Monica headed toward the guest room and ran into the first lady at the stairs. She quickly bowed her head to greet her. The first lady kept quiet as she walked over to Francesca. “Francesca, let me send you off.”

“Ms. Felch has been staying in this room.” The bodyguard, who was standing by the door, showed Monica the way.

Monica had wanted to snoop around the room for clues but disregarded the thought as she could feel the bodyguard watching her. She left the room as soon as she got the medical kit.

Monica even smiled and nodded at the bodyguard on her way out.

On the way back, Francesca’s stomach was a little upset. “That’s weird. I haven’t eaten anything all day. Why do I have an upset stomach?” she said after carefully examining herself.

“Did you drink anything?” asked Monica.

“A glass of milk. That’s it.”

Francesca found herself a pill and downed it with some mineral water.

“Is it the milk?” Monica asked without missing a beat. “Did anything happen to you after you drank the milk?”

“No. I fell asleep right after.” Francesca shrugged. “I’d be able to tell immediately if something is wrong with the food. But I couldn’t tell if the milk was poisoned since I was so tired. Sleep was the only thing on my mind.”

“You’re too careless.” Monica was a little panicky. “When did you fall asleep? Did anything happen after you fell asleep?”

“What could happen?” Francesca laughed. “I’m immune to poison. They wouldn’t be able to do anything to me even if the milk was poisoned. Moreover, it’s the presidential palace we’re talking about. Who would dare poison me?”

“Um…” Monica was stunned. “You’re immune to poison?”

“Yeah. I’ve been bathing in herbal concoctions ever since I was young. Small doses of poison wouldn’t affect me. I’ll have an upset stomach at most.”

Francesca paused as her words settled in. “Oh, right. Why would I have an upset stomach if there’s nothing wrong with the milk?”

“Could it be that the milk was poisoned?”

Just then, Gordon spoke up.

“Not necessarily.” Francesca analyzed, “I have stomach issues. Sometimes it’s because I haven’t eaten in a long while or I’ve overeaten. We can’t be entirely sure that it’s the milk.”

“But there were no empty glasses when I went in to get your medical kit.” Monica realized a critical point. “They wouldn’t have time to clean the room since you just woke up. The empty glass should still be there. Why is it gone?”

“That is very suspicious,” said Gordon. “They must have gotten rid of it for fear that we might notice that something is off.”

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