Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2217

Chapter 2217 Pick Her Up

The more the first lady thought about it, the angrier she became. “Avery was on the road to recovery. All the other doctors had to do was follow the treatment method Francesca prescribed. We should have taken this chance to whisk her to the middle of nowhere and take care of her and her subordinates by creating a freak accident. We could have blown up their bodies to get rid of all the evidence, and Danrique would never find out. But we blew it all up.”

“Calm down, Mrs. President. Our chance will come…” her bodyguard assured.

“Darn it. That b*tch must have been slacking off! I’m certain that woman hasn’t drunk the milk,” the first lady said. “Do you think she’s aware that something’s off? Do you think we’ve given ourselves away?”

“I don’t think so.” The bodyguard felt uneasy. “Do you want me to check it out?”

“Go stand by her door and keep an eye on her. Report to me immediately if anything happens,” the first lady instructed.

“Yes, Mam.” The bodyguard got to it right away.

The first lady entered Avery’s ward. Her heart ached as she stared at her daughter, who was fast asleep on the hospital bed. She reached out and caressed Avery’s face. “Don’t worry, Avery, I’ll avenge you,” she choked out.

Late that night, Monica and Gordon arrived at the presidential palace to pick Francesca up.

Gordon kept his composure, whereas Monica was frantically asking about Francesca’s whereabouts.

“Francesca is treating Avery. She’s fast asleep in the guest room after working all day. What’s with the attitude? Why are you acting as if I’m going to harm her?” The first lady was displeased.

“I…” Monica paused as she recalled William’s warning. She quickly put on a smile. “Ms. Felch hasn’t been feeling well the past few days, plus she hasn’t slept since last night, and her phone has been switched off. I’m just worried about her health. Please don’t mind me, Mrs. President.”

“Francesca has worked hard. Let her sleep here tonight. I’ll get someone to send her home tomorrow,” said the first lady. “You guys should leave.”


“Mrs. President.” Right then, Gordon spoke up. “Mr. Lindberg instructed me to take good care of Ms. Felch before he left. I haven’t been home for the past two days because I’ve been busy attending to other matters. I’ll have some explaining to do if he asks about Ms. Felch since her cell has been turned off. So please, can you get Ms. Felch? We’ll be waiting here. Sorry for the trouble.”

“You guys are acting like I’m going to hurt Francesca.” The first lady was getting annoyed. “Francesca is Avery’s savior and Danrique’s fiancée. How could I do something so stupid?”

“I’m sorry.” Gordon bowed his head in apology.

“Forget it. I’ll go get her.”

The first lady went upstairs to get Francesca. Upon seeing her, the bodyguard reported lowly, “Ms. Felch has been asleep all this while.”

The first lady laughed in disdain. “Looks like I’ve been overthinking things. She didn’t notice a thing. Otherwise, how could she be sleeping so soundly?”

“Yes.” The bodyguard nodded.

“Knock on the door and wake her up.”


Francesca was annoyed as she was woken up by the knock on the door. “Who is it?”

“Apologies, Francesca, for waking you up,” said the first lady. “Gordon and your assistant, Monica, are here to pick you up. They’re downstairs waiting for you.”

It wasn’t till then that Francesca remembered she was sleeping at the presidential palace. She sat up quickly. “One moment, please. I’ll be right out once I wash up.”

“Okay. No rush.”

The first lady waited outside the door.

Soon, Francesca opened the door after she had washed up and changed into a fresh set of clothes. While yawning, she said, “I was sleeping so soundly.”

“I told them to let you retire here for the night and come for you tomorrow, but they refused.” The first lady smiled. “You’ve worked hard. Are you feeling okay?”

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