Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2216

Chapter 2216 Time To Strike

Francesca slept so well that she did not realize someone had opened the door and entered the room quietly. “Did she finish the milk?”

“Yes, Mam. She finished it.” “You can leave now.”

“All right, Mam.” After glancing at the empty glass on the table and the sleeping Francesca, a cold glint flashed across the first lady’s eyes.

She gestured for her two female bodyguards to enter the room and approach Francesca. All of a sudden, Francesca’s phone rang. She shivered for a second before sitting up and answering the call. “Danrique?”

Her eyes were at half-mast as she talked over the phone. Raising her head, Francesca then noticed the first lady and her two bodyguards standing by the bed. Stunned by their presence in the guest room, she asked, “W-What are you doing here?”

“I…” The first lady hesitated but responded quickly, “I came to check on you because I noticed you were completely worn out.”

“I’m fine. I feel tired and just want to sleep.” Francesca yawned while rubbing her eyes.

“Oh, okay. I’m sorry. I’ll leave you alone now.” The first lady and her two bodyguards immediately retreated. They also took the empty glass with them when leaving the room.

Francesca then fell flat on the bed while hugging a bolster. She continued talking to Danrique over the phone, “Hey, I’m dead tired. I’ll call you later, okay? I’m at the presidential palace. Avery is very ill, so they invited me to treat her…”

After leaving the room, the first lady called the maid over and confronted her. “You said she finished the milk, but how come she’s still awake? Did she drink it?”

“Yes, she did, Mam. I saw her drinking it with my own eyes,” the maid uttered in a trembling voice. “I swear I’m telling the truth!”

“Could it be the milk’s problem?” the first lady questioned the bodyguards beside her. “Did you drug the drink?”

“Yes, I did,” the bodyguard assured her. “It’s a powerful drug that would make her sleep like a log. She wouldn’t even wake up had we cut her with a knife…”

“We drugged the milk, and she drank it. But how is it nothing happened to her?” The first lady was fuming. “All of you owe me an explanation!”

“I really have no idea…” the maid answered anxiously. “I did watch her finish the milk…”

“There’s still some left here. I’ll drink it.” The bodyguard gulped the remaining milk in the glass. In mere seconds, she wrapped her arms around her head, collapsed to the ground, and fell asleep.

The people around her were dumbfounded upon seeing that. She did not even move when the first lady kicked her.

Another bodyguard deduced, “Obviously, the milk has been drugged. I supposed she didn’t drink the milk.”

Once again, everyone turned their attention to the maid. The panicked maid burst into tears. “I swear I saw her gulping the milk. I’m telling the truth…”

“Guards,” the first lady exclaimed in anger, “drag her out of here!”

“Yes, Mam!” The bodyguard pulled the maid away.

Just when the maid was about to defend herself, the bodyguard immediately covered her mouth with her hand.

A vortex of anger swirled inside the first lady. She roared, “I had a chance, yet it slipped right through my fingertips! It’s all over now…”

“Stay calm, Mam. We can do it again since she’s here all alone,” the bodyguard consoled her.

“Are you out of your mind?” the first lady bellowed. “Didn’t you hear she was on the phone with Danrique? Danrique now knows she’s at our place. Should anything bad happen to her, he’ll come and settle scores with me.”

“But before this, she—”

The first lady cut in. “Before this, no one knew when she was leaving, and I could have shirked the responsibility by faking a car crash. But I can’t do anything to her now. We have no choice but to wait.”

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