Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2215

Chapter 2215 Utterly Exhausted

“And who’s the ex-husband?” Monica continued asking. “Beats me.” Sloan dared not say more. He cautiously looked at Francesca and said, “Mr. Lindberg doesn’t like us talking behind people’s backs.”

Francesca glanced at Monica for a moment. “All right, I’ll stop asking.” Monica immediately explained, “I’m just a little curious. Who on earth would dare to abuse the president’s daughter? Ugh, evil men lurk everywhere.”

Before shutting his mouth, Sloan added, “The culprit is quite a big shot.” “I guess so. There are always people better than us out there…” Monica muttered. “But this Ms. Avery must have suffered quite a bit. Otherwise, she wouldn’t end up in such a miserable state.”

“Let’s not dive into her personal matters anymore,” Francesca expressed her dismay. “And stop behaving like an FBI agent. You’re no longer with that organization anymore.”

Monica started chuckling. “All right, all right. Forgive me. I shall not ask any further.”

Though she had stopped asking questions, she kept all the information in mind. It was already daybreak by the time they arrived at the castle. Francesca could not sleep, so she went directly to the lab to work on the medicine and ordered her subordinates to deliver it to the presidential palace.

After completing her work, she returned to her room to take a nap.

Meanwhile, Monica went to William’s room.

William, who had a sleepless night, asked Monica when he saw her, “Is Francesca all right?”

“Ms. Felch is fine, don’t worry. She just got home a while ago.” Monica felt disappointed but still put on a smile. “Oh, yes, I have some updates for you, Your Highness…”

“What is it?”

“Apparently, Ms. Avery…”

Monica reported everything she had heard to William. She even told him how Francesca felt Avery looked familiar.

Upon hearing that, William went through all of Avery’s information again. He then ordered, “Go and find out more about Avery’s ex-husband and who she cheated on him with. Lay low, and make sure you stay under the radar.”

“I’ll see to it, Your Highness.” Monica immediately called Dominic and told him to begin the investigation.

She could not participate in the investigation directly since she had been relieved of her duties, but Dominic could still get the job done. However, due to Avery’s unique identity, the president had done a good job keeping things under wrap. Thus, they needed more time to find out more information.

After ending the call, Monica helped William clean up and change clothes. Coincidentally, Francesca had arrived to treat Wiliam.

Despite not having enough sleep last night, she was determined to complete all her tasks today.

“You should go home and take a good rest. I can skip the treatment for a day,” William expressed his concern when he noticed how ashen-faced she looked.

Yet, Francesca insisted on completing the treatment before leaving. “At least I managed to catch a two-hour nap. Monica didn’t even sleep at all.”

Instead of turning his attention to Monica, William still fixed his eyes on Francesca.

Monica could not help but feel dejected.

After leaving Wiliam’s place, Francesca decided to go home and hit the sack.

All of a sudden, the car from the presidential palace arrived again. A representative told her that Avery had experienced a relapse again. All the psychiatrists and the other specialists had no idea what to do, so the first lady came to seek Francesca’s help.

Francesca could not turn down the request as the first lady had begged her to treat Avery.

Left with no choice, she picked up her medical kit and departed to the presidential palace with a few subordinates.

Avery’s illness seemed to relapse from time to time. Her doctors were either incapable of treating her or merely wanted to wash their hands of the case, so they advised the first lady to get Francesca’s help.

At this point, Francesca had to take over the task as she could no longer distance herself from the people in the presidential palace.

After spending the rest of the day treating Avery, Francesca felt dizzy and nearly fainted after stepping out of the emergency room. Fortunately, Avery’s condition had become stable.

The first lady immediately got up and held her arms. She then instructed her subordinates to bring Francesca to the guest room.

Francesca, who had not eaten or drunk anything the whole day, was so exhausted that she did not feel like eating anything. After washing her face and gulping a glass of milk, she instantly fell into a deep slumber.

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