Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2213

Chapter 2213 She Seems Familiar

“A thorough examination suggests that Ms. Avery’s heart transplant was a success. Theoretically, her condition should be very stable. However, her emotional state has been fluctuating a lot lately.

Also, I believe she is suffering from severe depression. All that repeated self-harm and medication has placed a huge amount of stress on her heart, which caused her to go into cardiogenic shock. It’s incredibly difficult to treat such a condition with modern medicine, so I had to rely on traditional medicine to stabilize her.

We’ll still need to treat her with modern medicine, though. Given the severity of her condition, traditional medicine will only get us so far. I can use it to complement her previous treatment methods, but she really needs to stop hurting herself like this.

Her body cannot take any more abuse. You need to first keep her emotions under control so that she will be willing to accept the treatment. We can then counsel her and teach her to value her life,” Francesca explained.

The first lady nodded with tears in her eyes. “Understood. Thank you for the suggestion. You’ve been most helpful.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll be taking my leave now,” Francesca said as she packed her things and got ready to leave.

The first lady quickly grabbed her by the arm and pleaded, “Could you please stay with us for the night? I’m worried that Avery might have another episode in the middle of the night. None of the doctors are able to do anything at the moment.”

“Honestly, it wouldn’t make a huge difference even if I stayed. Having a few doctors around is good enough—”

The first lady cut her off anxiously, “But Avery’s emotional state is highly unstable. What if she has a panic attack or something? Those doctors won’t administer any medication for fear of it affecting her heart. If you stay, you could use those acupuncture needles on her, which is a lot safer since they don’t have any unwanted effects on her heart.”

“That is true…” Francesca gave it some thought and nodded. “All right, I’ll stay for the night. We’ll monitor her condition throughout the night and decide the next course of action after that.”

“Great!” The first lady was overjoyed. “I’ll have someone bring you to the guest room.”


“I’ll stay with you, Ms. Felch. I could watch over Ms. Avery and wake you up if anything happens. That way, you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep,” Monica suggested.

“All right.” Francesca didn’t turn her offer down as she needed sufficient rest to perform well during treatment.

The first lady simply shot Monica a glance before having someone escort Francesca over to the guest room.

She even prepared rooms for Sloan and his subordinates.

After taking a shower, Francesca sat on the bed and read through all of Avery’s medical records.

“Is Ms. Avery’s illness real?” Monica asked curiously while leaning over to have a look at the reports.

Francesca rolled her eyes at her in response. “Of course it is! Why would anyone fake this stuff?”

“Fair enough.”

Ms. Felch would surely be able to tell if Ms. Avery was faking it. Maybe the first lady isn’t up to anything, after all. His Highness is probably just overthinking it.

“Still, I can’t help but feel that something is off about all this. For some reason, Ms. Avery seems rather familiar. I feel like I’ve seen her before…” Francesca murmured while going through Avery’s files.

“You’ve seen her before? Was there some kind of conflict between you two?” Monica asked nervously.

Francesca shook her head. “No, but I do find her looking somewhat familiar. Maybe I haven’t actually seen her in person… I don’t know. I can’t be bothered to think about it right now. I’m going to bed.”

“You go ahead and get some rest. I’ll wake you up if anything happens.”

While tidying up the table, Monica secretly took pictures of Avery’s medical reports before putting them away.

Having performed two treatments in a day, Francesca was very tired and fell asleep within minutes.

Right as Monica turned off the lights and was about to get some sleep, she received a text message from William that read: Is Francesca okay?

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