Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2212

Chapter 2212 Psychotic Episodes

Monica then had the other maids step outside and closed the room door before tucking William in. “Keep a close eye on them and see if they’re up to any funny business, but be careful not to expose yourself,” William whispered.

“Yes, Your Highness.” Monica nodded. “What if they are up to something? Do I take action?”

William narrowed his eyes as he replied, “Even if they are up to something, I doubt they’ll harm Francesca in the palace. Either way, keep a close eye on them and act accordingly.”

“Understood.” Monica was about to help clean his body with a wet towel, but William stopped her and said, “The maid can take care of this. I want you to go meet up with Francesca right away.”

“All right. Rest well, Your Highness. The maids are outside if you need them.”

“Okay.” After getting changed, Monica hurried over to Danrique Castle to meet up with Francesca.

Francesca had just gotten out of the car when the first lady grabbed her arm and sobbed, “Come quick, Francesca! Avery is having a relapse and is at her limits!”

“Huh? A relapse? What’s her condition?” Francesca asked.

“It’s a congenital heart disease. She had surgery before and has been doing well. However, she recently started showing signs of a relapse. I’m guessing it has something to do with her mental health issues. Her condition stabilized after the doctor’s treatment, but… Last night, she suddenly…” The first lady couldn’t bring herself to continue that sentence. “All the other doctors have been unable to help her, so you’re my only hope at the moment.”

“I’ll have a look at her right away!”

Francesca had always been one to save those in need. Since the president’s family was very closely related to Danrique, she couldn’t possibly say no to that.

“Sloan, bring me my other medical kit and needle pouch.”

“All right.”

Monica arrived right as Sloan came over with the requested items.

Francesca and Monica then got into the first lady’s car.

“Ms. Felch, Gordon is busy with something, so he won’t be able to make it in time,” Sloan said.

“That’s fine. Just bring a couple of guys with you and come with us,” Francesca replied.

“Got it.” Sloan then piled into a car with a few of his subordinates and followed behind the first lady’s car.

Along the way, Francesca asked the first lady for more details regarding Avery’s medical history to better understand her condition. She was a little shocked when she found out that Avery once had a heart transplant when she was young.

“Such diseases are usually hereditary. Do you have it yourself, Mrs. President?” Francesca asked.

“I don’t, but my mother does. It runs in our family, but not every single one of us gets it,” the first lady replied with tears running down her cheeks.

“Does Ms. Avery have any children?” Francesca asked.

The first lady sniffled as she answered, “No, she doesn’t.”

“Hereditary diseases can be a bit tricky to deal with. Do you have Ms. Avery’s medical record? If yes, please send it to me.”

“Yes, I have it.”

It wasn’t long before they arrived at the palace. The butler, who had been waiting for them outside the door, yelled anxiously, “Please, come quickly! Ms. Avery is in critical condition!”

The first lady was so shocked that her legs instantly gave out beneath her.

Fortunately, her subordinate was able to catch her in time and hold her steady.

Francesca rushed over to the treatment room and saw a few doctors standing there with anxious looks on their faces. They all breathed sighs of relief when they saw that Francesca was there to take over for them.

Francesca had already read Avery’s medical history on her way over, so she had a rough idea of her condition. She immediately got to work by performing a thorough examination and started the treatment while the first lady waited anxiously outside the door.

A few hours later, Francesca came out and took her surgical mask off as she said, “Her condition is stable for now.”

The first lady nearly broke down in tears when she heard that. “Oh, thank goodness! My poor daughter…”

The doctors were all shocked. “You sure are skilled in medicine for someone of your age! What was that treatment method that you used, though? We’ve never seen anything like it! Could you share it with us—”

“Maybe some other time,” Francesca replied. She then turned toward the first lady and whispered, “Mrs. President, may I have a word with you in private?”

“Sure thing. Come with me,” the first lady replied as she led Francesca to an adjacent room.

After thanking her profusely for saving Avery’s life, the first lady asked, “So, how is my daughter doing?”

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