Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2211

Chapter 2211 Treating William

After hanging up the phone, Danrique turned toward Sean and said, “Contact Gordon immediately. Ask him where Francesca has been and who she has met up with throughout the past few days.”

“Understood,” Sean replied as he pulled out his phone and gave Gordon a call. “Someone is following us, Mr. Lindberg,” said the driver while glancing in the rear-view mirror.

Danrique glanced at the rear-view mirror and replied calmly, “Find a way to stop them and capture them alive.” “Yes, sir.” The driver then sped up a little to increase the distance between them and the car behind.

After getting off the phone, Sean told Danrique, “The first lady personally invited Francesca to an art exhibition. Kevin’s wife was the one who leaked that information. She must’ve casually mentioned it while chatting with those other women. I believe this is hardly a cause for a conspiracy.”

Not wanting to distract himself with that, Danrique ordered, “We’ll forget about that for the time being. Contact Hazel and find out what the situation is like on her end.”

“I’m on it!”

Francesca was able to have a good night’s sleep after making up with Danrique.

After waking up the next morning, she had breakfast and went off to treat William, who was recovering very quickly.

Without the poison getting in the way, Francesca’s treatment was very effective and produced great results each day.

William received a video call from Robin right after the treatment for the day was over.

“We’ve received the medicine that Francesca sent us! Dominic and Lindberg Corporation’s men handed them over to us in person. They told us to start taking it today!” Robin exclaimed excitedly.

Feeling pleased with what he had just heard, William turned his phone toward Francesca so that Robin and those in the castle could thank her in person.

Francesca then gave them a detailed explanation of the dosage and things to take note of. She also asked them to monitor their progress daily and report it to William.

Robin wrote it all down before ending the video call.

William thanked Francesca once again for her help. Although he wasn’t exactly very expressive about it, the look of genuine gratitude in his eyes said it all.

“Don’t mention it!” Francesca said casually and went back to formulating the medication.

Monica, who was helping William apply his medication, felt disappointed when she saw how his gaze never left Francesca.

Francesca came over to treat William throughout the next few days. Although his wound was healing very quickly with the aid of her treatment, his legs were still disabled.

After conducting some experiments, Francesca found out that the poisoning had affected his legs, making the treatment of his disability even more difficult.

On top of spending lots of time researching new treatment methods every day, Francesca also contacted Anthony and had him mail her some ancient books on medicine.

A week soon went by. Although Danrique had yet to return, he did text Francesca from time to time. Francesca was a little disappointed but decided to continue waiting patiently anyway.

After receiving the books from Anthony, Francesca spent hours reading through them at home every day. Eventually, she found a treatment method that could work and resumed William’s treatment.

One afternoon, Francesca had just completed William’s acupuncture treatment and was packing up when Sloan came running over. “Ms. Felch! The first lady is here!”

“What? Why is she here again?” Francesca asked with a frown.

“Ms. Avery is severely ill, and no doctors have been successful at treating her, so the first lady wants you to take a look at her. She seems to be very anxious about Ms. Avery’s condition. Gordon told me to inform you about this.”

“Let’s go!”

Francesca grabbed her medical kit and got ready to leave.

“Francesca!” William called out to her all of a sudden.

Francesca paused in her tracks and turned around. “What is it?”

William glanced at Monica and said, “Take Monica with you. She has acquired some basic medical knowledge, so she might be able to assist you with the treatment.”

“Who will look after you, then?” Francesca asked.

“There are plenty of maids here who can look after His Highness. Besides, His Highness will be going to bed after taking the medication, so there’s not much for me to do here anyway.” Monica said.

“All right, then. I’ll go first to check on Ms. Avery and assess the situation. You can come over in a bit,” Francesca replied and left in a hurry.

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