Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2209

Chapter 2209 Advice

Danrique’s voice sounded from the phone’s speaker. “I just saw your message. What’s the matter?” “Did you go to M Nation with Hazel?” Francesca questioned him.

He fell silent for a few moments before answering in a deep voice, “Yes.” Enraged, she snapped at him frantically, “Danrique, first, you left without informing me, then you went to M Nation with Hazel. What is this all about?”

He explained patiently, “I’m here to handle some work-related matters. It doesn’t matter who’s with me on this business trip.”

“Then why did you hide this from me if it doesn’t matter? If it doesn’t matter, why did you leave without telling me?” Francesca grew more agitated as she spoke.

She could not fathom his behavior. He could’ve told me if he was really there because of work. Why did he feel the need to hide this matter from me?

“I have things to do at the moment. I’ll talk to you later.”

Danrique did not provide her with a straightforward answer.

“Danrique, if you dare to hang up on me—”

He hung up the phone before she could finish her sentence.

Francesca almost thought her ears were playing tricks on her. She lowered her phone and stared at the screen blankly. When she regained her senses and realized that he had hung up on her, she nearly exploded with rage.

Sloan stared at her timidly via the rearview mirror. He wanted to comfort her but didn’t know what to say.

Francesca remained utterly depressed when she arrived home. Just as she was about to go upstairs, Monica called out to her, “Ms. Felch!”

“Monica, why are you here? Did something happen to William?”

Monica shook her head. “No, that’s not it. His Highness is very well. I came here to give you this.”

She took out an exquisite lunchbox and opened it, revealing the angel food cakes inside. “His Highness taught me how to make these. He told me you like to eat these, so I brought some for you.”

“Thank you.” Francesca was touched as she looked at the angel food cakes neatly arranged in the lunchbox. “Come upstairs and take a seat.”

“Okay, sure.” Monica followed Francesca upstairs. Norah served them refreshments and swiftly left the room.

Upon returning to the room, Monica updated Francesa on William’s condition, telling Francesca that William was doing very well that day and that he even attempted to sit upright. Although he felt uncomfortable after sitting for a short while, he was undoubtedly in better shape than the past few days.

Francesca informed Monica that William’s illness needed to be treated slowly, so he required more time to heal. “Ms. Felch, you seem troubled. Is there something bothering you?” Monica gazed at Francesca.

“It’s nothing…” Francesca did not want to talk to Monica about her problem with Danrique.

“It seems that Mr. Lindberg isn’t home. Did he go on a business trip?” Monica wasted no time in identifying the issue.

“He went to M Nation.” Francesca’s temper rose at that thought. “Are you feeling angry because of that?” Monica asked.

“He didn’t even inform me before he left, and he also hid the fact that he went on the business trip with Hazel,” Francesca blurted out the load weighing on her mind.

Monica consoled her, “Maybe he didn’t want you to misunderstand him. Actually, most men have this mentality of wanting to avoid unnecessary trouble by choosing to lie rather than speaking the truth if the truth will lead to an argument. But that doesn’t mean something is going on between him and Hazel.”

“To be honest, I was never like this.” Francesca felt exasperated. “I’ve never been so insecure and paranoid. I had always been calm and collected, but I don’t know what has happened to me recently because I’m always mad and in a bad mood.”

Monica chirped, “That signifies how much you care about him. These reactions are normal. When you truly love someone, you will behave like this around them. I think you should have faith in Mr. Lindberg. Look, Mr. Lindberg has never attempted to cover up your relationship with him.

He even carried you in his arms when getting off the plane, allowing everyone to witness the scene, including Hazel. Why would he do something like that if he’s going out with her? Any career man will not be able to tolerate others gaining control over them. If he was really in a relationship with Hazel, he wouldn’t even bother hiding the fact.

He knows nothing is going on between Hazel and him, so he chooses to keep you in the dark, probably because he’s afraid you will get mad and throw a fit. That’s why he decided not to tell you anything.”

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