Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2208

Chapter 2208 Hint

After dinner, the ladies departed to the art gallery in a car. The first lady had prepared a limousine and invited Francesca and the other ladies to join her in the vehicle.

After getting into the limousine, the ladies could not contain their urge to gossip about recent events related to the prominent families.

Francesca listened to them in silence. She did not show any reaction until someone mentioned that Hazel had gone to M Nation. Only then did Francesca reveal an astonished expression as she hastily asked, “When did Hazel depart?”

“The night before yesterday.” Kevin’s wife immediately shuffled closer to Francesca, as the latter had rarely initiated a conversation with her. “I visited Hazel’s residence that night and saw her leaving the house to go to the airport.”

Francesca looked down. Complex emotions churned within her.

Hazel departed the night before yesterday, while Danrique left the subsequent morning. So, Danrique did not go to M Nation alone. He went there with Hazel, which means he’s been hanging out with her for the past few days. Is that why he didn’t answer my calls?

“Francesca, Francesca!” The first lady’s voice pulled Francesca back to reality. “Yes?” Francesca regained her senses. “Are you all right? You look pale,” the first lady asked concernedly. “Are you feeling under the weather?”

“No. I’m fine,” Francesca responded with a faint smile. Subsequently, while visiting the art exhibition, Francesca appeared slightly distracted. The first lady suggested sending Francesca home when she sensed her lack of interest.

Francesca seized that opportunity to excuse herself from the art gallery. While the first lady sent Francesca off, she expressed her concern. “Did the other ladies mention anything inappropriate to upset you?”

“No,” Francesca replied. “Since Danrique went to M Nation, and there’s no one else at home, you can visit me anytime if you’re bored. I can keep you company. If you don’t fancy going to the art gallery, we can go hunting or skiing next—”

“Mrs. President,” Francesca interrupted, “I’m actually quite occupied every day. I have two patients to attend to and plenty of medications to pack. Besides, I’m also recuperating from my injuries, so I don’t feel bored at all.”

“Oh…” The first lady’s facial expression stiffened slightly, and she flashed an awkward smile. “Okay. You should focus on your work, then. At the same time, you must also take care of your health. Feel free to contact me if you need anything.”

“Okay.” Francesca nodded. “Thank you. I shall take my leave now.”


The first lady watched Francesca leave and waited until the car disappeared from her sight before turning around and reentering the art gallery.

On the way back, Francesca could not stop herself from asking Sloan, “With whom did Danrique go to M Nation?”

“Sean,” Sloan answered.

“I’m aware Sean tagged along, but who else is there?” Francesca grew impatient. “Is Hazel there as well?”

“Um…” Sloan fell into a momentary daze. “I don’t think so.”

“You don’t think so?” Francesca flew into a fit of rage. “That means I’m right.”

She immediately picked up her phone and dialed Danrique’s number.

However, no one answered the call even after the phone rang for a long while.

Her anger intensified. Francesca: Danrique Lindbergh, if you don’t call back tonight, you don’t have to call me anymore in the future!

She attempted to convey her burning rage via the message to him.

She even had the urge to fly to M Nation at once, close her fists around Danrique’s neck, and question him why he hadn’t been answering her calls. She wanted him to explain to her the reason behind his unannounced departure and why he kept her in the dark regarding his trip to M Nation with Hazel. She wished to understand his intention.

Sloan uttered weakly, “Ms. Felch, please don’t be mad. Mr. Lindberg went to M Nation to handle work-related matters. Even if he’s there with Ms. Atkinson, they are merely there on business.”

His speech completely infuriated Francesca. “It seems that this is true. That means Danrique really went there with Hazel?”

“No. I really don’t know.” Sloan grew anxious. “Please calm down, Ms. Felch. Mr. Lindberg is genuinely there on a business trip because—”

Just as Sloan was about to speak further, Francesca’s phone rang. She immediately answered the call. “Hello!”

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