Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2207

Chapter 2207 Art Exhibition

“There’s no need for that. Give me the address, and I’ll make my way over on my own,” Francesca replied hurriedly.

“All right. It looks like Danrique’s left Gordon here, so there shouldn’t be a problem for you to travel about,” the first lady remarked with a chuckle. “I’ll have someone give Gordon the address, then. See you tomorrow at six!”

“Okay. See you!” Francesca began to regret her decision as soon as she saw the first lady off. She truly didn’t enjoy going to such places, nor was she interested in art exhibitions.

I don’t even understand art! But from how she dropped by personally and the way she talked, how could I have said no? Well, I’ll have to make connections sooner or later anyway. I may as well get this over with.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Felch. I’ll take you there personally. You’ll be completely safe.” Gordon thought she was concerned about her safety.

“I’m not worried about that. I just don’t really feel like going.” The woman glanced at her phone. There was not a single call or text message from Danrique.

Despite feeling unhappy, she decided not to phone him. So what if he doesn’t call? It’s not like I care. Hmph!

Yet, Francesca would spend the night waking up several times just to reach for her phone underneath her pillow and check for any notification from Danrique.

Sadly, there was still nothing. Although she felt incredibly dejected, the woman was so tired from her day’s work that she continued sleeping.

She wasn’t feeling the best when she woke up the next morning, but she forced herself out of bed anyway. Then, she washed up, had some breakfast, and visited William again.

William did his best to cooperate, putting up with all the pain and consuming his medication regardless of how bitter it was.

Francesca sincerely wanted to treat him, given all his effort.

The one thing that seemed off was that he now spoke to her less and appeared to be deliberately maintaining a distance from her. He also no longer called her name as affectionately as he used to.

Maybe it’s because he’s feeling guilty over what happened in the past, or that he’s changed after going through so much.

Monica, on the other hand, was thrilled to see Francesca every time. The former always looked forward to learning more about medicine and understanding William’s illness. She would even report his condition to her meticulously.

Hearing that William was recovering well made Monica the happiest person in the world.

Moreover, Francesca noticed that the two seemed to be growing closer by the day. Monica was no longer afraid to remove his clothes, wipe his body, or treat his wounds—even in his most intimate areas—although she would still blush.

Still, Francesca believed this was a good thing. William’s always been alone, so it’s nice to see someone by his side. Besides, Monica likes him so much.

After tending to William, she prescribed more medication for Monica, who had been so busy caring for William that her own injuries were healing at a much slower rate.

Francesca gave her a different kind of medicine.

It was past four by the time she returned to Danrique Castle.

Norah immediately assisted her with her shower before leading her to the make-up artist, who had been waiting to style her.

When Francesca was ready, she hopped into the car to meet up with the first lady.

Having busied herself all day, she dozed off inside the vehicle.

Even so, she would wake up and check her phone every now and then just to see if Danrique had contacted her.

Again, he never did.

She was furious.

The first lady welcomed her in front of the restaurant at exactly six o’clock.

The former had booked the entire restaurant for themselves along with a few other female guests.

Francesca recognized one of them as Kevin Yarrow’s wife. She had also met the other women at the last banquet.

Everyone treated her with the utmost respect and spoke with her ardently.

Yet, Francesca could only maintain a smile; exchanging pleasantries wasn’t her forte.

“Francesca is a very quiet girl and doesn’t socialize much, so there’s no need to stand on ceremony with her,” the first lady chimed in, having noticed the young woman’s unease.


At that, the ladies quieted down in an instant.

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