Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2176

Chapter 2176 Savior Part Two

“Okay.” The maid took a candle and led Francesca to Robin’s room. The entire castle felt grim.

There was no water, no electricity, and no gas. During the day, they only had water, bread, and biscuits to fill themselves. At night, they could only keep themselves warm with candles.

However, food and water in the castle were scarce now, so they had gone through the past seven days with barely-filled stomachs.

The week was toughest for the injured ones. In fact, Robin’s wounds started getting inflamed after he finished the medicine.

Thankfully, Francesca was prepared with a backpack full of supplies. Upon seeing the unconscious Robin on the bed, she fed him some medicine and cleaned his wound.

Meanwhile, Dominic distributed the food and water in his backpack to the others as he reminded them, “We could only bring so much since we didn’t want to attract attention. Share this among yourselves first. We’ll find a way soon.”

“Thank you. Thank you.”

They were all very grateful. To them, food and medicine were not the only things Francesca and Dominic brought; the two also gave them hope.

Francesca asked for some wet towels to apply to Robin’s skin. After treating him with acupuncture, she gave out the medicine in her backpack to the others. She had brought limited supplies that were only enough to temporarily suppress the poison in them. Nevertheless, it was good enough considering their circumstances.

The group then started telling her about the things that had happened in the past few days.

After Francesca escaped, William was taken away. Before Robin could think of a way to leave the castle, it was locked down.

Then, someone arrived and announced that Charlie would take over the investigation of the poisoning. As it was suspected that the staff in the castle had something to do with the incident, the castle was closed off. No one was allowed to enter or leave.

When they heard the orders, everyone was shocked.

They all knew Charlie was the cousin who loved to bully William. As a matter of fact, William even suspected the former to be the culprit. It was ridiculous that the suspect was put in charge to look into the matter.

Sure enough, Charlie soon ordered the water, electricity, and gas to be cut off. He even stationed guards to surround the castle and prohibited anyone from entering and leaving the place. The people trapped inside were left to fend for themselves without any delivery of food and water from outside.

Initially, Robin wanted to call someone for help, only to find out that all communication channels were disconnected. They were totally isolated from the outside world.

That was how the people in the castle ended up in this state. They kept waiting for someone to rescue them, but as days passed by, Robin eventually collapsed. With that, they also lost all hope.

Hearing these, Francesca was infuriated. She could not believe how cruel and inhumane those people were.

Just then, Robin moved. Francesca hurriedly approached him to check on him. He was slowly gaining consciousness, and after Dominic asked someone to feed him some water, he finally woke up.

When he saw Francesca, he was exhilarated. “Ms. Felch, you’re finally back. We have hope now. We have hope now!”

“Please calm down, Robin. Take this medicine first.”

Francesca fed him some medicine again and made him drink more water.

Soon, Robin seemed much better. He turned his head to the group of people as if looking for someone.

“Who are you looking for?” Dominic asked.

“You are?”

“He is Monica’s partner,” Francesca introduced.

“Oh, you’re Dominic. I didn’t recognize you.” Robin flashed him a smile before looking at Francesca, asking anxiously, “Ms. Felch, didn’t Mr. Lindberg’s men escort you here?”

He was under the assumption that Francesca had come back to Danontand with Danrique. It was possible that Danrique was unwilling to come because of his distinguished status, but his men should at least be around.

However, Robin failed to find anyone from the Lindberg family.

Francesca knew what he was thinking. She explained, “No. I returned to Danontand with Monica. Danrique refused to help me.”

Robin’s face fell at those words. He lowered his head and heaved a deep sigh.

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