Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2175

Chapter 2175 Savior

The three of them drove to the forest near William Castle. Then, Dominic and Francesca got out of the car and sneaked into the castle through the backdoor.

At that moment, they heard two guards chatting. “Let’s have a smoke.” “How could we smoke on duty? We’re doomed if we get caught.”

“What are you so scared about? The people in the castle don’t know how to fight back at all. They don’t even dare to leave just because they are prohibited from doing so. Look, nothing happened even after so many days. It’s pointless for us to guard this place.”

“You’re right. These people are used to being oppressed, so they act like caged birds. Even their master, Prince William, is merely a pawn to others. We don’t even know if he’s still alive.”

“Right. What else can they do when their master is in that state?” “How much longer do you think we’ll have to stay here?”

“It won’t be long. Their water source is poisoned, and they have no food. They won’t be able to hold on for long.” “It’s already the seventh day today. I wonder if they’re still alive.”

“There’s some food left in there, so I don’t think they’ll die in seven days. However, I heard all of them have been poisoned, so they probably have little time left.”

“Okay. So we only need to hang on for a few more days before we get to go back.”

“Yes. Come on, have a smoke.”

“Thanks, dude.”

Francesca felt her heart sink when she heard the guards’ conversation.

Indeed, the people in the castle were pure and kind. Having been oppressed for so many years, they had grown numb to it and lost the courage to fight back. They could only leave everything to fate.

Their only hope was that someone would appear and save them from their misery.

Francesca would never forget the way everyone looked at her like a savior when she came to the castle the last time.

“This way!”

Dominic led Francesca into the castle through the kitchen.

When they saw the scene before them, they were dumbfounded.

The castle, which used to be luxurious and magnificent, looked like a refugee camp at the moment.

It was dark, save for the faint light from a few flickering candles.

Everyone had gathered in the living room and the staircase as if they were waiting for the end of the world.

They looked weak, worn-out, and terribly ill.

Even when they sensed someone enter the castle, they barely reacted. Only a few turned their heads sluggishly toward the sound of footsteps.

That was until someone recognized Francesca. “Ms. Felch?”

At that instant, everyone stirred and looked at Francesca.

When they confirmed that it was indeed her, a spark of hope gleamed in their eyes.

“Ms. Felch, it’s really you?”

“Ms. Felch is back. She has come back to save us!”

“Ms. Felch…”

The big group approached Francesca and looked at her in excitement.

Some maids covered their faces as they wept, but they didn’t dare to make a sound.

Tears welled up in Francesca’s eyes instantly. She looked at them emotionally as mixed feelings filled her.

“Ms. Felch, His Highness—”

A maid spoke up frantically, but Dominic hushed her and raised a finger to his lips. “Keep your voice low, or they’ll catch us.”

The maid hurriedly put her hands over her mouth and stayed quiet.

“I met His Highness today, and he’s doing fine. Don’t worry,” Francesca said in a soft voice.

“Thank goodness! Thank goodness!”

Upon hearing that William was still alive, the people cheered up and finally regained the will to live.

Francesca scanned through the living room and noticed that Robin was nowhere to be seen. “Where’s Robin?” she asked.

“After you left, no one could treat Mr. Robin. He stopped taking medication after finishing the ones you gave him. Since yesterday, he started having a high fever. He’s lying in the room right now. When I fed him some water earlier, he was still mumbling His Highness’ name,” an older maid choked out.

“Bring me to him.”

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