Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2174

Chapter 2174 Sneak In

“I know you’re worried about William, but now you have to see the bigger picture.” Francesca’s tone softened as she persuaded in a gentle voice, “He asked us to find Robin, saying that Robin knows what to do next.”

“The castle is closed, and there are soldiers stationed outside. It won’t be easy to sneak in,” Dominic stated faintly. “It will take some time, but I will think of a way.”

Monica hurriedly said, “Dominic, we’re counting on you. You must find a way to get us in.”

“I know.” Dominic looked at Monica through the rearview mirror. “Let’s go back now. You guys should have a rest.”

Dominic took them back to a small villa in the suburbs first.

Francesca changed the dressing for Monica, tended to the wound, and headed back to her room.

There were a few messages on her phone, which were sent by Anthony, persuading her to leave William’s business alone because the matter was nothing but trouble and was even more troublesome than Chrono.

Staring at those messages, she didn’t know how to reply to him.

Now, she also realized the gravity of the matter.

As she recalled the past events, she remembered that Layla and the others hadn’t agreed with her giving treatment for William’s legs back then. They had said that once she was involved in the matter, she would have a lot of troubles ahead of her.

However, at that time, she did not think much about it. All she knew was that William was her friend, so she could not sit back and do nothing when he was in need of help.

Who would have thought that a simple treatment would now cause her to be involved in the battle between the royal family member and also affect so many lives?

The responsibility she bore on her shoulders was snowballing.

She felt that she was caught between a rock and a hard place. Despite knowing that the road ahead was getting more and more dangerous, she couldn’t back down.

After all, she had already been dragged into the mess. Not only William but also those eighty people in the castle were waiting for her to save them.

At a time like this, I can’t flee out of fear!

However, as she thought of Layla and Lincoln, who were also in danger, her worries intensified. They had been protecting her all these years, but she couldn’t even do anything when they were in a dangerous situation.

Besides, before they left, they had told her to keep an eye on the orphanage. However, she had been as busy as a bee, dealing with matters outside all the time. Everything related to the orphanage was left to Anthony, and she had done nothing.

When they were facing issues in the foundation previously, Anthony had calculated that with all her remaining money and the money Lincoln transferred over, that could only last them for two months.

It’s been over a month. My finances are another huge problem as well…

Thinking of those things, Francesca had a splitting headache and ended up staying up all night, so she took some medications to let herself sleep.

She didn’t know how long she had slept when Monica woke her up. “Ms. Felch! Ms. Felch!”

Francesca was sleeping soundly, and being woken up by someone made her feel a little grumpy. “What’s wrong?”

“Dominic has figured out a way. We can make a move now,” Monica said anxiously. “Get up quickly.”

Francesca got up from the bed, ready to change her clothes.

Monica handed her a set of clothes. “Put this on. Now that no one in the castle can enter or leave, only by disguising as a bodyguard can you sneak in. I’ll drive tonight while you and Dominic sneak in together.”


Francesca put on the clothes and went out with Dominic and Monica.

On their way there, Monica told Dominic, “Think of a way to find Robin first and give him my customized communication device so that we can contact him in the future.”

“Don’t worry. I know.” Dominic nodded, but he still had some concerns. “Maybe I should sneak in on my own. Ms. Felch has a tiny figure. I’m worried that she might get recognized.”

“It’s fine. I’m familiar with the layout of the castle. Let’s act accordingly to the situation,” Francesca uttered. “I need to see Robin in person to know their exact situation.”

“Ms. Felch, take care of yourself.” Monica handed her a gun. “If anything happens to you, you can use this to protect yourself.”

“Thank you.”

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