Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2173

Chapter 2173 Dignity

Hearing those words, William was in shock. “What did you say? How could that happen?”

“Maybe they sealed off the castle in the name of holding an investigation.” Francesca said in a low voice, “I don’t know the specifics either, as Monica was the one who got the news.”

William was instantly riled up by the words. “It seems that His Majesty has entrusted the investigation to those b*stards. He knows that they want to kill me, yet he still put them in charge of this!”

“Now is not the time to talk about this. You need to make a decision now. Should I rescue you or not?” Francesca glanced at her watch. “I’ve been in here for more than forty minutes. If I delay any longer, I’m afraid that someone will find out…”

He quickly calmed down and replied, “I can’t go out. If I do, they’ll be in an even more dangerous situation.”

“What should we do now?”

She glanced out the window and noticed several guards rushing over. Knowing they must have discovered something, she hurriedly urged, “Quick! They’re coming.”

“Frannie, go and find Robin with Monica. He knows what to do,” William uttered immediately. “If you have to choose between me and them, save them first!”

“Okay.” Without further ado, Francesca took the medical kit and leaped out of the window.

Just as she left, those guards kicked open the door to William’s room in the next second, pointing their guns inside. Seeing that no one else was there, they swiftly began to search around.

With an emotionless expression, William lay on the bed in silence.

The guards didn’t find the person they were looking for, so they went to the window to check again, but Francesca was long gone. They failed to notice any traces as well. Thus, they could only leave in a huff.

During the whole process, they didn’t even spare William a glance. It was as though he was deceased.

At that moment, Marcus returned as well. After being informed that the doctor was a fake, he was startled and hurriedly pushed open the door to check, only to see William still lying on the bed intact. Marcus was relieved.

The guards told the senior officer a few words, then left.

Meanwhile, William lay on the hospital bed, staring at the ceiling with a cold, menacing look in his eyes.

Now even the guards don’t take me seriously, and my dignity is not worth mentioning at all. The king knows that those people want to kill me, yet he still asked them to seal off my castle in the name of investigating the poisoning incident, completely disregarding the lives of the people inside the castle. As for myself, I’m forced to stay here in this pathetic state, all for the king’s reputation.

William felt that he was too naive in the past, believing that Federico had a trace of affection for him and thinking that as long as he became more and more outstanding and had enough trump cards, he could bring those people down.

It was only now William understood that Federico stood on the same side as those people. There was no way the king would punish them for him, the discarded child.

But even if he doesn’t punish them, he doesn’t have to force me to the edge of the cliff, right? I’m also related to him by blood. Why does he have to be so cruel? I don’t get it… I really don’t.

Francesca successfully escaped and reunited with Monica.

When Monica saw that she had returned alone, the former asked, “What happened? Where is His Highness?”

“William didn’t come with me. He asked us to find Robin,” Francesca replied. “Get in the car first. Those guards have already sensed something wrong and are still looking for me.”

“Why is His Highness refusing to leave? We came here to save him, after all,” Monica questioned, pressing for an answer anxiously.

Francesca didn’t say anything and pushed her into Dominic’s car.

Only after the car began driving did Francesca answer. “If we save him now, the people in the castle will be doomed. Also, even if we can take him out of the hospital, it will be difficult for us to leave Danontand.”

“But we can’t leave him in the hospital either!” Anxiety filled Monica. “You should have rescued him first, and we’ll figure out what to do later.”

Francesca’s brows furrowed. “Did you hear me or not? If he’s rescued now, then Robin and those people in the castle will die! If those people die because of him, do you think William will still want to live?”

“I…” Monica was at a loss for words.

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