Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2172

Chapter 2172 In Danger

Seeing that William didn’t resist the treatment this time and even cooperated very well, the senior officer couldn’t help but feel very surprised. He quickly dismissed the other nurses and stood at the side to watch Francesca performing acupuncture on William.

About half an hour later, Francesca was done inserting the needles and turned back to speak to the senior officer. “I need His Highness’ medical reports and some medications. Please help me to prepare those things.”

“You can write the prescription, and I’ll get someone else to prepare them right away.” The senior officer was on cloud nine. “You seem to have some skills. I’ll be sure to inform Mr. Faulkner for him to reward you handsomely.”

“Thank you.” Francesca simply wrote a prescription and handed it to the senior officer.

The senior officer took it to the door and told his subordinates to prepare it, but he had no intention of leaving.

Francesca exchanged a meaningful look with William.

William then opened his mouth and said, “Marcus, I’m hungry.”

“Huh?” The senior officer, Marcus, was stunned for a moment, then couldn’t help but be overjoyed. “Your Highness, are you finally willing to eat? That’s great! I’ll ask them to prepare the food right away.”

“I want to eat food from outside.” William’s voice was weak and hoarse, with a hint of sadness. “The food in this hospital is inedible.”

Marcus let out a sigh. “I’m sorry to hear that, Your Highness. I’ll ask someone to buy food from outside.”

“You should go and get it yourself to prevent those guards from knowing about this. It might bring unnecessary trouble,” William pleaded. “I’m sorry to trouble you. If I can survive, I will definitely repay your kindness in the future!”

“Your Highness, don’t say so…” Pity was written all over Marcus’ face as he looked at William. “As a prince, you should have been living a life of abundance…” Halfway through his words, he sighed deeply and changed what he was about to say. “I’ll go and prepare it for you.”

As he spoke, he left in a hurry, but as he walked out of the room, he cautiously told the people outside, “Watch the surroundings carefully. Don’t let anything happen.”


The door was closed, and only William and Francesca were left in the room.

She hurriedly locked the door and asked William in a low voice, “William, how did you become like this?”

“They poisoned me.” After replying to her, William quickly inquired, “Francesca, did you come here alone? Or with L?”

“I came with Monica.” Francesca felt a little ashamed. “I couldn’t convince Danrique, and he refused to come…”

“I had expected that.” William wore a bitter smile. Right after that, he continued urgently, “Since he won’t come, you shouldn’t be involved in this matter anymore. Hurry up and get away from this place. It’s very dangerous here.”

“No, I want to bring you out of here.” Francesca helped William to get up.

“Don’t be foolish.” He quickly stopped her. “You can’t save me. There are guards everywhere outside, and we can’t get out at all. Even if we somehow escape the hospital, we won’t be able to leave Danontand.”

“What should we do then?” Francesca was getting anxious. “We can’t just wait for our death here.”

“Federico won’t let me die for the time being.” William sneered, “Danontand’s finances are tight. My company’s assets can help him a lot, so isn’t he trying to save me now?”

“Uh…” It was only then comprehension dawned on her. “Federico is really saving you?”

“Of course.” William chuckled self-deprecatingly. “Otherwise, why would he send me to the hospital? He doesn’t want me to get better, but he doesn’t want me to die either, so my current half-dead state is perfect for him.”

“What now?” Francesca couldn’t figure out the complicated situation and relationships between them. She asked, “Should I save Robin and the others first?”

“What happened to Robin and the others?” William asked, feeling concerned.

“You don’t know yet?” Francesca was dumbfounded for a moment before sighing. “That’s right. You’ve been locked up in here and lost contact with the outside world for a long time, so it’s normal that you’re unaware of what happened.”

“So what happened?” he asked anxiously.

“William Castle has been sealed off, and no one can enter or leave the castle. Furthermore, no food and water is allowed to be delivered to the people inside, and their water and electricity have been cut off. The eighty-over people in your castle are currently in a very dangerous situation…”

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