Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2171

Chapter 2171 The Hope Of Life

Those officers asked her to show her identification document. Francesca said directly, “My identification document has been taken away by Mr. Faulkner. He said that His Highness has been suffering from heart-wrenching pain in his waist and now has a recurring high fever.

His Majesty is worried about His Highness, so I was asked to hurry over. Mr. Faulkner will arrive soon.” “That’s right. His Highness is indeed having those symptoms now,” a senior officer hurriedly remarked.

After hearing Francesca mention Silas’ name and correctly identifying the symptoms, those guards no longer stopped her and let her in.

As such, Francesca carried the medical kit with her and entered the place, followed by the senior officer.

On their way to their destination, the senior officer couldn’t help but sigh. “Alas, how desolate for a dignified prince like him to suffer like this.”

“When I checked on His Highness last time, he was still able to sit, and his waist was just fine. How did things turn out like this?” Francesca asked in a hushed tone.

“God knows.” The senior officer shook his head and heaved a sigh again. “Probably only they themselves know the hidden truth behind this.” “Are you Mr. Faulkner’s subordinate?”

Seeing that the senior officer was full of sympathy for William, Francesca figured that the officer was not a subordinate of William’s cousins.

“Yes.” The senior officer nodded. “Mr. Faulkner sent me here to take care of His Highness, but His Highness’ condition has become increasingly serious since the onset of the disease. Now, His Highness is paralyzed in bed, and the doctors in the hospital can’t do anything about it. Besides that, he refuses to eat or drink anything. It seems that he has lost confidence in life. His Majesty was afraid that something bad would happen to him, so His Majesty invited a doctor from outside to check on His Highness. Alas, I think you are too young, so you probably have little experience. I guess His Majesty’s just putting on a show…”

The senior officer whispered that last sentence, afraid that somebody else might overhear it, but Francesca still heard it clearly.

No wonder… Even an old servant has his heart go out to William. William’s current fate is indeed pitiful… I guess King Federico actually knows how William became like this, but he didn’t protect William or even hold the culprit accountable. He merely sent people to bring William to the hospital to sustain his life. On the surface, it looks as though he still cares about William, but in fact, he just wants to leave a positive impression by acting loving and kind… The truth is, he doesn’t care about William at all. William probably knows this as well, so he’s lost all hope in life and given up on trying to survive. If I were to arrive a few days later, I’m afraid I really won’t be able to see him anymore.

Francesca couldn’t help but feel guilty as the thought crossed her mind.

The two walked through a tree-lined path and soon came to a small building.

There were soldiers guarding every inch of the place, making it appear to be heavily guarded. They might look as though they were protecting William, but in fact, they were actually monitoring him.

Francesca followed the senior officer to the outside of the ward and was about to enter when there was a loud bang, followed by William’s weak voice yelling, “Get out!”

He didn’t want to see anyone, nor did he intend to eat. He simply didn’t want to live anymore as he had given up on himself.

The maid didn’t persuade him either. She just packed up and left silently.

Sighing, the senior officer pushed open the door and went in. “Your Highness, you can’t continue being like this. You’re still young…”

“Get out. All of you get out…”

William was about to lose his temper, but when he saw Francesca, he was stunned.

“Your Highness, this is the doctor that His Majesty has hired for you. I heard that treating your condition with traditional medicine is very effective. Since His Majesty specifically asked for her to come, you must cooperate with the treatment…” the senior officer advised sincerely and earnestly.

“All right. All of you should leave the room. I want to give His Highness an acupuncture session.”

Francesca came forward with a medical kit. She checked on William first, then started the acupuncture session for him.

William gazed at her as waves of emotions washed over him. At that very moment, Francesca was the only hope in his life…

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