Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2170

Chapter 2170 Take Action Immediately

Francesca went straight to the point, asking Gordon about Layla and Lincoln’s situation. Gordon hesitated for a moment before admitting, “I actually knew about it already, but I feared you’d get worried. That’s why I didn’t tell you.”

Francesca was livid. “You… This isn’t a small matter! How could you keep it from me?”

Gordon responded hurriedly, “Please don’t panic. I actually informed Mr. Lindberg the second I found out about it, and he ordered me to send someone to rescue them. Anyway, I’ve already sent some men to Zarain. They should be able to rescue one of them soon. As for the other one, we’re already negotiating with Riz Corporation.”

Francesca let out a sigh of relief. “Really? That’s good to know.”

“Don’t worry. I’m in charge of this. I promise to handle it well. Anyway, I’ve got to hang up. Mr. Lindberg is looking for me,” Gordon said softly.

“Okay. Thank you.” Francesca wanted to ask about Danrique, but Gordon had hung up before she could even open her mouth. Sighing, she put away her phone and rushed to the restroom to look for Monica.

Monica had trouble moving around due to her injury. Hence, she had to rely on a wheelchair.

After disguising themselves, Francesca pushed Monica out of the restroom and picked up their suitcases in a hurry. Soon, the latter’s partner came to fetch them.

It was only after they got into the car and departed from the airport that they could finally heave a sigh of relief.

“I wasn’t expecting things to go so smoothly. I thought they’d be stopping us at the airport.” Monica patted her chest.

“It was a sudden decision to return to Danontand. Maybe they haven’t heard about it yet. I bet the people from Erihal don’t even know I’m gone,” Francesca deduced.

Monica nodded vehemently. “Right. People typically wouldn’t dare to spy on Mr. Lindberg’s place, nor would they be able to. Since those animals don’t know we’ve returned, we should seize the opportunity and take action as soon as possible.”

Francesca bobbed her head. “You’re right. First, we need to meet William. Do you guys know where he is?”

Monica’s partner, Dominic Hoffman, answered, “We found him already. He’s in the royal hospital. Security there is extremely strict, so I’m afraid we won’t be able to sneak in easily.”

“Do you have the building’s blueprint?” Francesca asked urgently.

“Yes.” Dominic pulled out the hospital’s blueprint and explained, “I’m guessing Prince William was assigned to the orthopedic inpatient department. Apparently, he had a relapse and can’t even sit up straight. He can only be treated in bed now.”

“Those b*stards! It must be their doing,” Monica spat furiously.

“Let’s go to the hospital. I’ll slip in to see William first,” Francesca ordered promptly.

Monica offered, “I’ll come with you. We can watch out for each other’s backs.”

Francesca did not refuse, for she knew Monica only wanted to help save lives. “All right. You’ll disguise as the patient, and I’ll disguise as the doctor.”

“The necessary outfits and tools are in the car. Go ahead and get changed now. I’ll be waiting outside if there’s anything you need.” Dominic had prepared everything they possibly needed.

“This dude is not bad.” Francesca eyed him.

“Thank you, Dominic.” Monica was beyond grateful.

Dominic flashed her a grin. “Don’t mention it. We’re partners, after all. You should take care of yourself. I can’t believe you injured both legs when you’ve only left for a few days.”

“I know. Don’t worry.”

With that, Francesca and Monica changed into their outfits in the car and successfully sneaked into the hospital.

Monica could speak Danontese. Since she was an Interpol agent, she was used to situations like that, which allowed her to put on a perfect act.

It was extremely helpful for their mission.

It did not take long for them to find the inpatient building William was at. However, there were many officers guarding the area. It was practically impossible for outsiders to enter it.

As the two women were feeling anxious, a senior officer stepped out and asked the guards if the doctor sent by Federico had arrived, to which the guards said no.

Just then, Francesca and Monica exchanged a look of understanding. Immediately, Monica swerved the wheels of her wheelchair to hide in the corner while Francesca grabbed a medical kit and walked over, introducing herself as the doctor sent by the king.

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