Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2169

Chapter 2169 Learn Her Lesson

Francesca was not an expert at coming up with strategies. The only thing she was good at was treating patients.

She felt that dealing with this matter was a strenuous task, and she did not even know what the right move was. Just then, she thought of Layla.

If Layla and Lincoln were there, they could teach and help Francesca analyze the situation. Unfortunately, they had gone deep into the mountains to live in seclusion.

Francesca had no idea how they were doing now. Just like that, Francesca endured the flight that was over ten hours with her mind full of complicated thoughts.

The moment she got off the plane, she turned on her phone to check if Danrique had called her. Sadly, he had not called or texted.

Even Sean and Gordon had not called her. Francesca felt a little disappointed. Looks like Danrique is really mad this time. I don’t think he’ll talk to me anymore. Does this mean we’ve broken up?

Letting out a sigh, she was about to put away her phone when Anthony called. She answered right away. “Hey, Anthony.” “Francesca, did you hear anything from Ms. Layla and Mr. Lincoln?”

“Huh? Didn’t you say they were going to live in seclusion in the mountains? I checked with Gordon yesterday, and he told me their phones had been out of service. Maybe they went somewhere really remote—”

“They definitely talked about going to live in seclusion in the mountains, but I’ve just received news that they were being pursued by people from Riz Corporation. Mr. Lincoln has been captured, but Ms. Layla got away. No one knows where she is now.”

“What? How did this happen?” Francesca was shocked.

Pausing momentarily, she murmured to herself, “Gordon didn’t tell me about this. Did he not find out about it, or did he purposely hide it from me?”

Hearing her words, Anthony responded, “It could be the former. After all, Riz Corporation has tight security. It’s almost impossible to get any information about them, so it’s only normal that Gordon didn’t find out about it. I have a few leads because I’ve always been in contact with them. Why don’t you try asking Gordon again? Ask him if he can help us find Ms. Layla.”

“Okay. I’ll call him now—”

“Aren’t you at Danrique’s? Why do you need to make a call?” Anthony was puzzled.

“I—” Francesca was about to answer when a Danontese announcement rang out. Anthony immediately realized where she was. “Don’t tell me you’ve gone to Danontand.”

“I have.” Francesca knew she could not keep it from him anymore.

“Oh my goodness. Have you lost your mind? You’re not a god! You can’t save everyone. It’s already good enough that you can manage the orphanage well and help Ms. Layla and Mr. Lincoln. Why do you have to make yourself responsible for Prince William? Surely Ms. Layla has warned you about how complicated Prince William’s matter is. It’s not something you can simply interfere with. You shouldn’t have treated him in the first place, nor should you have gone to Danontand after that. And now—”

Francesca cut him off, “All right. All right. That’s enough. I know all that, but things have already progressed to this stage. I’m stuck in a very difficult position, you know. William and his people in the castle were poisoned. I can’t just let them die.”

Anthony was filled with panic. “You can’t save them all. Go back to Danrique’s now and stop getting involved in this matter.”

“I’m already involved, and there’s no backing out now. Anyway, I’m going to hang up. I’ll give Gordon a call to ask about Ms. Layla’s situation.” Francesca sighed.

“Ugh, are you trying to make me worried sick—”


With that, Francesca ended the call. When she was about to call Gordon, she started to question herself. I broke up with Danrique. Isn’t it a little inappropriate for me to call his subordinate?

However, since it was an urgent matter, Francesca could not be bothered to think so much.

She quickly dialed Gordon’s number. It did not take long for the call to be connected.

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