Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2168

Chapter 2168 Limited Capabilities

Danrique had trouble falling asleep the entire night. Whenever he recalled the scene of Francesca leaving without looking back, a stabbing pain shot through his heart.

It was only last night when they were having an intimate moment on that very bed. He could still remember the way she curled up like a docile kitten and shivered in his embrace.

No matter how hard he tried, he could not shake away the memory of how cute she looked.

I don’t understand. She seems to like me a lot and looks happy when we’re together. But why does she behave like an entirely different person when William is mentioned? She keeps saying she’s doing it because she feels responsible and wants to keep her promise. She’s just a kid. Why would she be responsible for a man—a prince, to be more specific—and even his family? And that nonsense about friendship. I really can’t wrap my head around it. As if any kind of purely platonic relationship can exist between a man and a woman. What utter nonsense!

He could not understand, nor did he want to understand what was going on.

All he believed was that Francesca did not love him enough, for she had left him for another man.

She knew going to Danontand was no different from challenging death, yet she still chose to leave. Her last words for Danrique, telling him to find another woman because she did not want to waste his time, were like an insult to him.

Fine. If she’s going to be this stubborn, then I shall let her learn this lesson the hard way. She’s a stubborn idiot who won’t give up until she realizes it’s hopeless. I’m going to make sure she learns her lesson this time.

Back then, Francesca had always traveled without any worries. She could even sleep soundly when she escaped Danontand with pursuers chasing after her the entire journey.

This time, however, she could not fall asleep.

She kept staring out of the window, her mind occupied with thoughts of Danrique.

In the past, she could come and go whenever she wanted, even if they got into a fight and broke up. Even if it was the latter scenario, she could continue being stubborn or stand her ground.

However, their relationship had progressed to another stage, and their feelings for each other had deepened.

Deep down, she did not want to leave.

To be honest, she was hesitant the moment she stepped out of the room. She wished Danrique would stop her, and they could then talk things through properly.

Sadly, he did not do that.

All he did was warn and threaten her.

Threats were absolutely useless on Francesca, who had a stubborn character. Hence, hearing those ruthless words only made her leave without looking back.

In truth, she was actually feeling a little reluctant when she stole the car and left with Monica. And when she stared at the reflection of the master bedroom windows through the rearview mirror, hesitance crept into her heart.

However, Francesca did not see his silhouette there, and with Monica urging her on, the former had no choice but to slam on the gas pedal.

There was no turning back the moment they left in the car.

Since she had decided to walk down that path, all she could do was march forward bravely.

And now, Francesca could not bear to have other thoughts. All she wanted was to rescue William as soon as possible. Once she was done with William’s matters, she would return and have a proper talk with Danrique. If, and only if, she were still alive at that point.

At that thought, Francesca took a deep breath.

As she turned around, she found Monica sound asleep beside her.

Monica had been worried about William the entire day, but she soon fell asleep after taking some pills for the wounds on her legs.

After putting a blanket over Monica, Francesca leaned back in the chair and stared blankly into space.

Her mind was still filled with thoughts about Danrique. Hence, she forced herself to dismiss them and started analyzing William’s situation, coming up with plans to resolve it.

This is actually quite difficult. Even if I managed to rescue William, what am I going to do about those in the castle? I can’t possibly take them all with me. Looks like there are only two ways to go about this matter. Either I rescue William and ignore the others in the castle, or sacrifice William and rescue them.

All those thoughts made Francesca realize how limited her capabilities were.

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