Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2167

Chapter 2167 Go All Out

“I’ll get someone to chase after them.” Sean was about to give the order when Danrique responded, “No.” Sean was stunned. “Huh? Mr. Lindberg—”

“There’s no point making her stay when she’s set her heart on leaving. Let her go if that’s what she wants. She’ll definitely come back to me for help once she’s in trouble.” Danrique seemed oddly calm.

“Should we send someone to protect her in secret, then?” Sean asked softly.

“No.” Danrique was determined to teach Francesca a lesson. He uttered through gritted teeth, “Since she can be so fearless for William’s sake, then we shall let her see what it truly means to be digging her own grave.”

“Got it.” Noting Danrique’s eyes that were glinting with hostility, Sean hurriedly left the room with his head lowered.

Meanwhile, Danrique did not move away from the window. He kept his gaze fixed on the direction Francesca had left for a long time.

Intense disappointment was the only thing he felt at that moment.

Francesca had crushed his passionate love for her.

He could not help but imagine what Francesca was feeling at that moment. She must be cheering over the fact that she escaped successfully. Very well. I shall grant her wish. Go on, Francesca. I’d like to see if you can rescue William without my help.

Francesca sped all the way to the airport, not daring to slow down for fear of someone catching up with them.

However, even when they had arrived at the airport, completed the procedures, and gone to the departure hall, Danrique’s men were nowhere to be seen.

Monica looked around uneasily, whispering, “Will Mr. Lindberg send someone to follow us? Are they going to attack us before we board the plane?”

Francesca glanced at her ticket, looking rather calm. “No. He didn’t send anyone after us, which means he’s well and truly mad this time.”

Monica froze for a second. She then said frustratedly, “I don’t understand. Why isn’t Mr. Lindberg willing to help Prince William? Saving Prince William won’t do him any harm. I’m sure the prince will definitely return the favor when he inherits the crown in the future.”

Francesca sighed. “He must have his reasons, though I don’t understand it either.”

“You actually understand him quite well. It’s a pity that no one understands Prince William.” Monica sighed.

“You do.” Francesca stared intently at Monica. “It’s rare to have a confidant who’s willing to do anything for us in this life. He’s a lucky man.”

In a panic, Monica stammered, “N-No… Prince William is an extremely prestigious person, while I’m just a plain nobody.”

Francesca smiled. “You’re not plain. Look at you. You’re good-looking and have become a senior Interpol detective at such a young age. Most importantly, you have sincere feelings for him. That alone is a rare trait.”

“Please don’t get me wrong, Ms. Felch. All I have for Prince William is admiration and gratitude—”

Francesca interjected, “That’s not important. You don’t have to explain it to me. Then again, I have to tell you this. I only see William as a friend whom I need to help. That’s all.”

“I know. The person you love is Mr. Lindberg. But with his temper, I’m afraid the relationship between you two might not go well…” Monica said in a low voice.

When she finished her sentence, she hurriedly clarified, “Uh… That’s just my opinion. Please don’t think too much about it.”

Francesca let out a sigh. “That has crossed my mind, too. I’ve always been a carefree person. I have my dreams and responsibilities, but he hopes I can give up on all that and stay by his side…”

After a brief pause, she added to console herself, “Oh, whatever. I’ll just go with the flow.”

“I think it’s time we board the plane.”


With that, they boarded the plane heading back to Danontand.

The truth was, they knew this was a dangerous trip. In fact, they might not be able to do anything and even fall into the opponent’s hands. Even so, they were willing to go all out for William’s sake.

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