Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2165

Chapter 2165 What Am I To You

Monica was stunned by those words. It took her some time to return to her senses. “You’re going alone?” Francesca felt utterly helpless. “Yes. You may not know Danrique that well, but no one can make him change his mind. Not even I. Besides, he’s always suspected that there’s something going on between William and me.

Danrique’s extremely bothered by it, so there’s no way he’ll help William. But you’re right. William is in terrible danger. I’m afraid he doesn’t have much time left if I don’t take any action. So, I’ve decided to return to Danontand tomorrow and come up with a plan to rescue William. By the way, did you get any information from your people? Send them to me.”

Monica said hurriedly, “I’ll go with you. I have all the information here. In fact, I have more. Besides, two is better than one.”

“But your leg is injured. There’s no use in you going back. On the contrary, I’ll even have to take care of you. Why don’t you just stay here and recuperate? The bodyguards won’t hurt you as long as you don’t mess with Danrique.”

“No way. I have to go back with you. Don’t worry; I won’t be a burden to you. I might be injured, but I can at least provide you with information. Besides, my partner is still in Danontand, and I have some connections who will surely be of help.”

“All right, then. Pack your things. We’re leaving in a while.” Francesca got up to look for her travel documents.

“Will Mr. Lindberg let you go?” Monica sounded a little worried.

“I’m free to go wherever I want. He can’t stop me!” Francesca declared.


A voice suddenly came from behind her.

Francesca jumped in shock. By the time she turned around, Danrique was already standing in the room, staring at her with a sharp gaze under the dim lights.

He looked like a raging beast.

“Monica, I’ll call you later.” Francesca hung up and reprimanded him, “Why are you eavesdropping?”

“This is my room. There’s nothing wrong with me listening to the conversations in my room. What’s this? Are you really going to Danontand to carry out a rescue mission?” Danrique sat on the sofa, gazing at her nonchalantly.

“Since you’re not willing to help, then I have no choice but to do it myself. Tsk. Where’s my backpack, anyway?” Francesca continued fumbling through the drawers.

“Did you even ask me?” Anger was surging within Danrique, but he did his best to suppress it.

“What do I need to ask?” responded Francesca, still looking around for her things and paying little attention to him.

Seeing that, Danrique pulled her over, causing her to stumble and fall into his embrace. Just as she was about to move, Danrique locked his arms around her. He placed one hand around her waist while the other held her chin, forcing her to look at him. “Look at me, Francesca!”

Francesca, who was forced to look at him, noticed the fury in his eyes. Even so, he was doing his best to control his emotions.

“Tell me. What am I to you?” he hissed.

“I…” Francesca was stumped by the question. She did not understand why he was asking such a question at a time like that.

“Answer me!”

Danrique was so furious that he pinched her chin harder, causing her pain.

“Let me go. It hurts…” Francesca shoved him away angrily.

Danrique gritted his teeth. “Oh, so you know what pain feels like? Remember how you wanted to stay at S Nation because of the orphanage, Anthony, and even the two elders back then? Sure, I can understand all that, but you and I are officially dating each other now. Yet, you still want to fly to Danontand to save William. What exactly am I to you? You prioritize all those nonsensical people, but what about me? What am I to you?”

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