Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2158

Chapter 2158 Not So Bad

Francesca felt uneasy up until she got in the car. It was only when Danrique tended to her injury that she came back to her senses.

“When you encounter something like this, don’t just throw yourself into it,” said Danrique unhappily. “Did the Chrono incident teach you nothing? Why do you like being a busybody?”

Having heard this, Francesca trembled, thinking of what had happened with Chrono and Candice.

It had brought upon her much trouble.

She still had lingering fears whenever she thought about it.

Francesca had constantly been reminding herself not to stick her nose where it did not belong, but every time someone was in danger, she could not resist the urge to help.

Like with what happened earlier—she had never considered how complicated the issue was.

Diana had slit her wrist in front of her. As a doctor, how could Francesca stand idly by?

“Scared out of your wits?” asked Danrique as he gently pinched Francesca’s cheek.

“Not quite.” Francesca came back to her senses again. “That woman… Did she like you before?”

“I guess so,” replied Danrique mildly.

“And then she married someone else?” Francesca continued. “But is now divorced?”

“Yes.” Danrique nodded and said, “Not too long ago, the first lady brought her back from Dartan. After coming back, however, her psyche seemed to be abnormal. I heard that she did not have a good life and that things were complicated there.”

After a pause, Danrique said, “It’s nothing to do with you, however. There’s no need to dwell on it.”

“I’d assumed that the person who put me under house arrest after bribing King Federico was the president himself,” Francesca blurted out. “I guess it’s not him.”

“Ha!” Danrique laughed. “So you were thinking about this all this while? I’ve underestimated you.”

“I’m not an idiot,” said Francesca, rolling her eyes. “I’m just not fond of playing games of intrigue. I know what’s happening, all right? William had mentioned that the King only socializes with people that befit his station. Since the three great families are not quite of the same rank, the only person who could possibly have a connection with both you and the King was the president.”

Francesca paused briefly before continuing to speak. “Since you brought me to the banquet, I’ve been quietly observing everyone. Given how the presidential couple is so genial, I think that your status must be higher than that of the president himself. As such, I thought the president wanted to win you over by betrothing his daughter to you, so he bribed the king to keep me in Danontand. But seeing the current state of his daughter dispelled my concerns.”

Danrique nodded and hummed in response. “I arrived at the same conclusion you did after mulling over this. Tonight was, in fact, meant for recon.”

“You thought the same?” said Francesca hurriedly. “I mean, Diana is already like this, so surely they wouldn’t dare to wed you two even if they wanted to? Based on their behavior today, I think they had no such intentions at all.”

“I think that was their intention initially.” Danrique had nothing else to say on this.

“I guess you’re taking this with a grain of salt.” Francesca did not understand. “Unless you think something else was up?”

“I’m just used to having reservations.” Danrique smiled mildly and said, “A lot of things don’t really reveal themselves until the very end.”

“What do you mean?” Francesca still did not understand.

“Don’t fret.” Danrique reached over to pat her on the head. “You can just be your happy, jovial self by my side. I’ll take care of the rest.”

“But I have other questions.” Francesca thought of what Diana had said earlier and asked, “What does Diana’s marriage have to do with Hazel?”

“Diana is the president’s daughter, which means her status is not average. What right does Hazel have to interfere with her marriage?” retorted Danrique. “That being said, Hazel was in M Nation studying when Diana married. She only came back to attend the ceremony.”

“But I heard Diana say—”

“Things between women are complicated. You should not get involved.” Danrique immediately cut short was Francesca was about to say. “Also, Hazel Atkinson is not that bad!”

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