Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2154

Chapter 2154 Agendas

The presidential couple seemed quite reasonable. Upon knowing that Danrique had brought his fiancée along, they held their daughter back from creating trouble.

The poor woman, on the other hand, must have suffered from some kind of shock, given how mentally unstable she seemed. That being said, the family seemed relatively reasonable.

Upon thinking about this, Francesca cared little. She turned on her heel and walked toward the hall as well.

By then, the banquet had already ended. The president suggested that they go to the hunting grounds, which was met with the approval and anticipation of the men in attendance.

“I’m not going. But please, carry on without me.”

Danrique looked at Francesca, who had just entered. She was holding her skirt up as she walked over, her face seemingly clueless and dazed. Danrique found this adorable.

“Danrique, it’s only nine! Why don’t you stay for a bit?” asked Harrier with a smile. “Besides, Cece is here too. You can keep her company. She must be so bored, cooped up in the castle all day.”

“What’s going on?” Francesca had caught wind of the conversation.

“Do you want to go hunting on the hunting grounds, Cece?” asked the president warmly.

“No thanks.”

Francesca did not like hunting animals. However, she realized she could not change anything and could only choose to stay away.

“Then we won’t go hunting. Let’s head to the basement parlor and play some board games!” The president smiled and continued, “There are some simple games there we can play. The women can also join in then.”

“That’s right, Cece! I’ve asked the kitchen to prepare some Chanaean snacks and tea. You have not sampled them yet!” chimed the first lady warmly.

The presidential couple had all their attention centered on Francesca, intending on following her wishes. Thus, the rest looked at her face expectantly.

At that moment, no matter how arrogant a person Francesca was, she would have still felt somewhat embarrassed. Besides, Danrique still needed to be on good terms with them, so she had to get along with high society eventually.

Thinking of this, Francesca turned to look at Danrique. He, too, returned her gaze, as if questioning her intent.

“Very well then.” Having seen that Danrique was not insisting on leaving, she thought that he did have the desire to stay after all. She then said, “Thank you, Mr. President, Ma’am.”

“That’s splendid!” Harrier clapped happily. “I can show off my card skills to Danrique tonight!”

“Didn’t you lose enough the last time?” quipped Kevin.

“You’re talking as if you’ve never lost,” retorted Harrier, rolling his eyes.

“Haha!” The president was all smiles. “I didn’t realize that Danrique was skilled at playing cards too!”

“He’s got a photographic memory. It helps him remember where the cards are!” chortled Gerard. “We three constantly lose terribly to him!”

“Then I must see this for myself!”

Having said that, the president ushered everyone to the basement.

The first lady was also ushering the female guests to the basement. From the corner of her eye, Francesca noticed that the bodyguards remained in the hall. Apart from Sean, nobody else followed.

Monica then waved at her from afar.

Francesca felt a little embarrassed. Monica had specifically asked her if she could come along, but she ended up staying with the other bodyguards. It was as if she barely participated.

The group of people filed into the basement. The men started to gather around a table to play cards while conversations about both banal and important things began to flow.

Francesca thought that the game was just a distraction since they were actually discussing crucial matters.

The president seemed genial, but his sharp eyes did not miss anything. He was carefully observing everyone’s words and deeds.

He seemed to be assessing everyone’s capabilities while he had the chance.

Danrique did not say much, but he was concise. Everyone present was observing his demeanor, including the president himself.

Where the women gathered, everyone seemed to have their own agendas. Everyone was carefully currying favor with the first lady, yet at the same time, they dared not offend Francesca. Instead, they observed her every move in secret.

This time, Sean did not join the men at the table. Instead, he stayed to chat with the women, leaving them dazzled by his impeccable eloquence.

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