Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2152

Chapter 2152 Her Advice

“Yes, I won’t get lost.” Francesca nodded vigorously. “All right then.” The first lady did not insist anymore. She made a gesture and instructed a maid to lead Francesca to the restroom.

Francesca turned and smiled at Danrique. Then, she took her handbag and followed the maid to the restroom. The place was huge. They took a long corridor before arriving at the restroom.

If it was not for the maid to lead the way, Francesca would really get lost.

However, she did not really want to go to the restroom. After entering, she put on lipstick in front of the mirror, and then took out her phone to reply to some messages.

Her phone kept vibrating when she was eating just now. She wanted to check her phone so badly, but it seemed rude to look at her phone on that occasion, so she bore with it.

There were a few text messages from Monica on the phone:

Ms. Felch, are you in yet? I’m at the back.

Ms. Felch, I saw you.

Ms. Felch, just take care of yourself and don’t worry about me. I’m fine with the bodyguards’ team here…”

I didn’t expect it to be this kind of family dinner. I thought it would be a banquet. The presidential palace is so huge and luxurious. It is exquisite and heavily guarded. It seems that you don’t need my protection here at all. I think I worry too much. Haha…

Francesca felt the same way as Monica. She used to attend that kind of open banquet where there were a lot of people, and it was very easy to get into danger.

In contrast, tonight’s dinner seemed a lot quieter.

There were not many guests, and there were only a few bodyguards and maids. The people were all separated, leaving the event in an orderly manner, which made it hard to have any hidden crisis.

Francesca also felt that she thought too much.

Just when Francesca was typing a message to reply to Monica, a greeting suddenly came from outside. “Ms. Atkinson!”

“Mhm,” Hazel responded briefly and walked in gracefully.

Francesca raised her head and looked at Hazel in the mirror. She was dressed in a tight-fitting dress in gold which showed her nice body figure and highlighted her elegant temperament.

Besides, she was much taller than Francesca. Francesca felt a sense of oppression standing in front of Hazel.

“I’m here to look for you. Shall we talk?” Hazel flashed a smile at Francesca.

“Okay.” Francesca turned to look at her. “What do you want to talk about?”

“I really like Mr. Lindberg and want to marry him. However, I did not use any underhanded means to approach him nor announce any engagement news…” Hazel said bluntly, “The rumors that you have seen have nothing to do with me.”

“Oh, really?” Francesca looked at her with a sincere look and was a little puzzled. “Who would that be if it wasn’t you? Who would be so free to create scandals for others?”

“This is a little complicated. You won’t understand even if I explain it,” Hazel blurted out. Then, she quickly explained further, “Mr. Lindberg said you’re a very naïve person, and you’ve never been a part of a battle for power. So you may not understand…”

In fact, Francesca did not care about that at all. “I guess that’s right. I really don’t understand, and I don’t need to understand. Actually, you don’t have to tell me about all this. If there’s anything, you can talk to Danrique directly. I trust him.”

Hazel chuckled. “You’re indeed a naïve woman!”

“What?” Francesca was dumbfounded by her words.

Hazel smirked. “Nothing. I just think that since you’re so naive, I’m afraid it is difficult for you to protect yourself…”

“That’s no concern of yours.”

Francesca could not be bothered to talk to her. She washed her hands and prepared to leave.

Before Francesca left, Hazel added, “Actually, it’s good to be a doctor who’s free and easy. There’s really no need to get involved in such a complicated political battle…”

Francesca was a little touched by her words. She used to think the same way back then, so she always avoided Danrique. However, she chose to follow her feelings in the end when he became unavoidable…

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