Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2151

Chapter 2151 Carefree And Unrestrained

Monica was dressed in a black suit and looked tiny among the men, but at the same time looked smart. Looking at such a scene, Francesca found it quite funny.

Why did Danrique not allow Monica to wear a gown but force her to wear a bodyguard’s uniform instead? Is he worried that she will overshadow me? He’s kind of cute sometimes.

Fortunately, Monica did not mind it at all. She waved to Francesca with a smile.

Mylo pulled her hand and reminded her to take care of her manners. She then quickly turned around.

Francesca retracted her gaze too. Just when she thought she still had to wait for a long time, Danrique suddenly said, “Okay, I think the ladies are hungry now. Let’s have dinner!”

“Hahaha! My bad! I’ve been talking with you guys and have neglected Ms. Cece.” The president knew Danrique was worried that Francesca would be starving already. He hurriedly invited everyone to the table.

Danrique walked over and sat beside Francesca, holding her hand under the table.

Francesca smiled and looked at him with eyes full of love.

Danrique kissed her forehead and asked dotingly, “Are you hungry?”

“Mhm.” Francesca nodded honestly.

Danrique giggled and hurriedly cut the steak for her. “You can eat now.”

At the same time, the president raised his glass to give a toast to everyone. When he saw Danrique cutting steak for Francesca, he quickly put down the wine glass and waited until Danrique fed Francesca a mouthful of steak. Then, the president raised his glass again and said, “Welcome!”

The others raised their glasses too and downed their drinks in one go.

“This is nothing but a family dinner. Just make yourself at home and don’t bother about the formalities…” said the president.

Everyone finally began to enjoy their meal.

On the other hand, Francesca had already eaten several mouthfuls of steak. She suddenly realized that her behavior was a little rude and quickly stopped eating. However, Danrique gently fed her.

Francesca immediately felt that she was not being rude after all.

Seeing the scene, the president and the first lady exchanged gazes with meaningful looks.

Everyone was enjoying the meal.

The men’s topics at the table were all about international affairs.

The ladies were carefully taking care of their other half, including the first lady. The first lady had been observing every move of the president and handed him things he needed from time to time.

Francesca was an exception. She was just busy eating.

Danrique would even pass her drinks and cut the steak for her.

Hazel saw all these actions in her eyes, but she acted calmly and gracefully, unmoved in the slightest.

Hazel’s reaction was a little incomprehensible to Francesca. Does this woman really have nothing to do with Danrique? Even if there’s nothing, shouldn’t she be a little jealous? Why is she so calm?

Francesca did not understand, but she could not be bothered anymore.

Since Danrique treated her so well now and even introduced her to so many people, she had no reason not to believe him.

It was a very long meal. Everyone else took their own sweet time to enjoy the food and chat with each other.

However, Francesca finished her food very quickly. She was not interested to stay at the dining table and listen to their nonsense.

She felt restless on her seat.

Noticing her uneasiness, Danrique whispered in her ear, “Let’s go for a walk.”

“Okay.” Francesca quickly pushed away her chair and left the table quietly.

Noticing that, the first lady quickly got up and asked, “Ms. Cece, do you need anything?”


“She needs to use the restroom,” Danrique answered on her behalf.

“Let me take you there.” The first lady was about to walk toward Francesca.

“Uh, it’s okay. I can go myself…” Francesca hurriedly rejected her offer.

Danrique smiled and said to the first lady, “No problem, Cece is used to being carefree and unrestrained. Just let her go by herself.”

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