Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2150

Chapter 2150 The Dinner

“Mr. President, you don’t have to come out to greet me personally!” Danrique shook hands with the president.

“Of course, I have to! You’re here to attend the dinner. As the host, I should come to greet you in person!” The president laughed and turned his attention to Francesca. “Who is this beautiful lady?”

“She’s my fiancée, Cece.” Danrique had never disclosed Francesca’s actual name to outsiders as he did not want to reveal her identity as Francesco. Hence, he had been calling her “Cece” in front of others.

“Fiancée?” The president took a glance at Hazel and quickly resumed his smile. “Oh, Danrique! You have a fiancée! Congratulations!”

The conversation sounded familiar to Francesca. It reminded her of her first visit to Frank’s residence to attend a banquet. At the banquet, Frank seemed to have said the same thing.

Everyone was shocked too when they saw her.

“Yes, for a long time!” Danrique put his arm around Francesca and said generously, “She was the one who came back to save me in a car full of bombs at Frank’s residence last time!”

“Oh, I see!” The president was shocked and looked at Francesca with admiration. “I’ve heard about that incident. Ms. Cece is indeed a hero!”

“You have flattered me,” replied Francesca with a polite smile.

“No, no, no. You’re actually our savior!” The president looked very excited. “If it was not for your heroic actions that day, we wouldn’t have the peaceful days we have now, right?”

“That’s right!”

After Donald took the lead, everyone else echoed.

“I knew that the girl Danrique has a crush on must be very different, but I didn’t expect her to be so unique!” the president had been praising Francesca continuously.

“Please stop complimenting her. She’s blushing now. Hahaha!” Danrique cuddled Francesca lovingly.

“Hahaha…” The president laughed. “Come on. Let’s go chat inside the house!

As he said that, the president made a gesture and walked side by side with Danrique. They chatted as they walked.

The three great families followed closely, with Donald and the subordinates behind them.

When they arrived at the main hall, the first lady had prepared a premium dinner for them. She greeted everyone enthusiastically and arrange for the ladies to be seated first.

The president, Danrique, and other men sat around in the living room on the other side, chatting. Hazel, being the head of the Atkinson family, also sat among the men.

The president introduced Francesca to the first lady when they came in just now. Therefore, the first lady treated her with exceptionally good hospitality.

However, Francesca’s attention was all on Danrique. She saw that Danrique sat on the sofa gracefully with his legs crossed. There was a glass of wine in his hand. He was shaking the glass lightly and listening to the president.

Everyone else was sitting upright as though they were in a classroom, except for Danrique.

Danrique sat casually and even gave Francesca a gentle look while listening to the president.

Francesca exchanged gazes with him and smiled. She then looked away and entertained the first lady in a polite manner.

Although the atmosphere was a little serious and boring, Francesca was slowly getting used to it.

However, she did not expect that they had no intention to start the dinner even after chatting for more than an hour.

She was already a little hungry, and she was almost clueless about what to say to the first lady anymore. Left with no choice, she could only glance at Danrique earnestly.

However, Danrique was talking then, and everyone else was listening intently to him with a serious look, including the president.

Of course, he did not have time to pay attention to Francesca.

She turned to look elsewhere and found that Gordon and the rest were in the side hall on the other side. She tried to look for Monica in the crowd.

At that moment, a girl in a black suit waved to Francesca. She looked closely. Oh! It’s Monica!

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