Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2149

Chapter 2149 The President

“Then why didn’t you say no?” It was beginning to dawn upon Francesca that she had made a mistake. If I knew we were attending the president’s banquet, I would have asked Danrique before giving Monica an answer.

Though ignorant of most social norms, she understood what it meant not to put Danrique in trouble.

Danrique pinched her cheek. “Since you’ve already promised her, you would no longer have authority at home if I overruled your decision. Even if you made the wrong call, I must respect it since you’ve made up your mind. I’ll help you clean up the mess if things do not go as planned.” “Oh, Danrique…”

Those words touched Francesca. She had never once thought that Danrique could be so sensitive, responsible, and thoughtful.

“There’s no need to place your safety in somebody else’s hands.” Danrique caressed her head. “Aside from protecting yourself, I should be the only person you could trust wholly.”

“Hmm.” Francesca nodded solemnly, feeling very moved.

Danrique did not say anything else. He reached out to pull her into his embrace and kiss her tenderly on the forehead.

“Is my outfit today too simple? They said I looked too plain without accessories. Will it embarrass you?”

Francesca began to feel insecure. She was always stuck in her ways and had never considered his feelings.

In spite of that, he was always thinking of her. She suddenly felt bad…

Danrique did not mind. “Not at all. Just dress comfortably.” “My woman should never accommodate others. You just need to do what suits you.”

“Wouldn’t others think that I have embarrassed you, then?” Francesca was still not assured. “Will I become an eyesore to them?”

“I’ll dig out the eyes of those who think that you’re an eyesore,” Danrique growled. “Besides, my reputation is the one at stake. What’s it to them even if I have decided to do that?”

Francesca giggled before leaning over to give Danrique a fierce kiss, who held the back of her head and reciprocated in a domineering manner.

Then, the couple kissed passionately.

At that moment, they felt that they would be together forever.

The car stopped at the entrance of the presidential palace. A bodyguard marched over to open the door for Danrique and Francesca.

A group of lavishly dressed people rushed over before freezing in surprise at the sight of Francesca.

“Good evening!” Francesca smiled.

She knew everybody before her. They were all from the three great families. Donald was also there but without Eva.


Gerard and Kevin froze in shock when they saw Francesca.

Harrier, on the other hand, was very calm. He beamed and took the initiative to greet her as if they were old friends. “It’s been a long time, Ms. Cece!”

“Long time no see,” Francesca responded with a smile.

“That’s true…”

Gerard and Kevin regained their composure at last. They smiled awkwardly, not knowing where to begin.

On the other hand, Hazel, who stood at the back of the crowd, greeted Francesca generously. “It’s such a delight to see you, Ms. Cece!”

Francesca shot a half-amused glance at Danrique. “I’m happy to see you too.”

Hazel smiled and said nothing more.

“Let’s go inside, then,” Donald called. “We shouldn’t keep the president waiting.”

“That’s right. Let’s go inside.”

The crowd was just about to file back into the palace when a sonorous voice boomed. “You’re just in time, Danrique! I was about to come out earlier to receive you, but I was interrupted by a call!”

Francesca looked up. She had seen the president on TV and thought he looked kinder in appearance than Frank. He wore a sincere smile.

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