Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2146

Chapter 2146 Hiding Something

The sweetness welled up from within Danrique’s chest and filled him with bliss. At that moment, he felt that he and Francesca could be happy forever. Upon entering the house, Francesca went to see Gordon and ask about Layla and Lincoln.

He reported that it was still under investigation and that he needed more time before assuring her that he would report it to her as soon as there was something to report.

Francesca glanced at the time. It had been exactly an hour and ten minutes since Danrique had assigned him to investigate. She could not help feeling worried. “I remember you were very efficient back then to trace even the most complicated matter within an hour. It’s taking you longer this time. Could something have happened to Layla and Lincoln?”

“Not at all. Please don’t overthink,” Gordon said hastily. “It’s mostly because I’m not fully aware of their situation. Besides, they’re now in H City, which is not our turf. That is why I need time.”

“Oh, I see.” Francesca heaved a sigh of relief at his words. “That’s good news. Keep digging, and let me know if you find anything.”

“I will.” Gordon nodded eagerly. “Don’t worry.”

Francesca did not spare the matter further thought. She just went up the stairs.

Seeing that, Gordon returned to the home office immediately and gave Danrique a call. “Mr. Lindberg!”

“How are things?” Danrique was still driving.

“I’d just received word that the two of them are being hunted by Riz Corporation. One of them was captured, while the other escaped with grievous injuries. Their current whereabouts are unknown,” Gordon reported quietly. “Ms. Felch came to ask me earlier, and I gave her a vague answer. I dare not tell her the truth.”

“Don’t tell her yet,” Danrique instructed. “Rescue the injured one who had escaped and contact Riz Corporation at the same time to keep the other alive.”

Gordon hesitated.

“Those two used to be agents from M Nation, Mr. Lindberg,” Sean cautioned gingerly. “I don’t know their grudge against Riz Corporation, and I don’t think it’s wise for us to intervene.”

“Rescue them first!” Danrique growled, irritated.

“Yes.” Gordon did not dare say much else and carried out his orders immediately.

Sean, too, did not say anything more. His hands clasped involuntarily together, and his brow creased.

Despite Lindberg Corporation’s status and Danrique’s foothold, they faced threats internally and outside. It would not serve them well to pick a fight with Riz Corporation at a time like that.

We would be picking a fight with the most powerful enemy in the world. Everybody, except for Mr. Lindberg, gives Riz Corporation a wide berth.

Sean harbored many worries, but he also knew Danrique could not be convinced against whatever he set his mind to.

His only option was to remain silent.

Francesca returned to her bedroom and gave Anthony a call to ask about the matter of Layla and Lincoln.

Anthony told her that they were persecuted by their enemies and had been running for their lives. They tried to do away with their enemies, who seemed to multiply in number. The pair was then forced to escape abroad.

They spoke of hiding in the mountains during the last time they corresponded. However, they could no longer be reached. Though they might have indeed gone to the mountains where there was no reception, something might have happened to them and prevented them from making contact with the outside world.

Francesca felt a spark of hope after hearing all of that. Perhaps, they did go up a mountain and are cut off from all mobile phone signals. The reception on Mount Phoenix, where the old man lives, is terrible.

Francesca spent the entire afternoon waiting at home. Her mind was filled with all kinds of guesses.

Gordon came with a report at three in the afternoon. “We still could not locate the two elders, Ms. Felch. I don’t know if they had gone to a place without reception. We might need a little more time.”

“That is indeed a possibility,” Francesca said quickly. “They were talking about hiding out in the mountains.”

“That must be it,” Gordon said at once. “I have arranged for a search party in Zarain, and we will get some clues sooner or later. Don’t worry.”

“All right.”

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