Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2142

Chapter 2142 Burning

“I’ve already talked to Danrique about this, and we got into a shouting match.” Francesca sounded a little depressed and crestfallen. “He’s perfect in every aspect, except for his stubbornness. I think I may need more time to communicate and explain the situation to him.”

“Yes. We should do that.” Monica hurriedly agreed. “We mustn’t push too hard. We should take it slow so we wouldn’t anger Mr. Lindberg. I was inconsiderate when I urged you back then.”

“That was not your fault. I was in a hurry too.” Francesca consoled.

“Yes. We need to find another way. We should be patient.” Monica resorted to another method. “You shouldn’t talk to him about this for the moment. Instead, you should spend more time with him after being separated from him for too long. Please don’t let this matter spoil your mood.”

“What do you mean?” Francesca failed to comprehend the sudden changes in Monica’s attitude.

“Please listen to me. There’s no need to push too hard. Please don’t get into a heated argument again because of this matter,” Monica said, “Spend more time with Mr. Lindberg. Ms. Felch, you could bring it up with him again once he’s in a good mood. I’ll guide you on what to say by then.”

Hearing that, a moment of realization hit Francesca. She realized that there were more reasons why Monica escorted her back. Aside from keeping her safe, Monica was also trying to keep an eye on her and guide her into asking for help from Danrique.

Francesca did not know whose idea this was. Either way, she felt rather annoyed.

On second thought, Francesca reckoned that it was normal. After all, William was on the brink of losing his life, which made it reasonable that he did what he did. As for Monica, it was no surprise that she was in such a hurry when she was someone William trained and nurtured.

Francesca just didn’t like the method they used.

“Ms. Felch?” Monica hurriedly called, “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.” Francesca snapped out of it and replied, “Rest well. I’ll visit you tomorrow.”

“I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me. Just spend more time with Mr. Lindberg.”

“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow.” With that, Francesca hung up the phone.

She held herself responsible for Monica’s injuries. Hence, she decided to have a look at Monica’s injuries for herself tomorrow, fearing that the doctors were not capable enough to treat her well.

At the same time, Francesca hated to be spied on.

For that reason, she felt that there was a need for her to make things clear with Monica.

It was only at that moment did Francesca feel the pressure on her shoulders. For the first time, she realized that she needed more than just knowledge and medical skills to save lives.

If she were powerful and influential enough, she could save them all by herself without having to go through all the trouble.

Now, if she wanted to save William and those in his castle, she would’ve to ask for Danrique’s help.

Unfortunately, Danrique was a tough nut to crack.

“Are you still angry?” A familiar voice came through. Francesca jolted back to her senses upon hearing the voice and saw Danrique walking into the room.

He was making his way toward Francesca. As he strode toward her, he slowly unbuttoned his shirt. There was lust filling his gaze.

“What are you doing?” Francesca hurriedly got up from the bed and glared at him while huffing in frustration. “Don’t you do anything stupid! I’m telling you! You already had me a couple of times today. H-Hey…” Before she could finish, Danrique had already pressed himself on her.

He pressed himself on her like a beast, restricting her movements while reaching his hand into her skirt.

“D*mn you-” Before she had finished speaking, Danrique had already captured her lips.

The fiery hot kisses came charging like a raging typhoon, catching Francesca off guard.

She put up a fight, but slowly gave up and succumbed to the man’s fiery hot body.

The silhouettes of the two clinging to each other on the bed could be seen on the walls. It was a wild and passionate night.

The temperature in the room began rising as if there was a blazing fireball burning within the room.

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