Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2141

Chapter 2141 Decision

“There’s only one Danrique Lindberg in this world,” Danrique questioned, “When I was at rock bottom, I bowed to no one. I did not resort to lying, betraying, or exploiting anyone…”

“Fair enough.” Sean gave the matter a thought, and he grew solemn. “I’m afraid Prince William is not the same. He knows he cannot turn the tides all by himself, so he’s trying all he can to get near Ms. Felch, hoping that he can butter up with you in this way to achieve his goals.”

“Which is why he’s beyond saving.” Danrique narrowed his eyes and concluded. “What about Ms. Felch?”

“She’s my woman. She should put herself in my shoes and think from my point of view.” Chagrin swamped Danrique. “She’s being unreasonable when she asked me to save William. There are many things that I would happily oblige if she wanted, but not this. This is unjust and wrong.”


“That’s enough.” Danrique shut down the opinions of the others as soon as he made up his mind. “If she truly loves me, she should know I have my reasons. If she left me because I didn’t save William, it means that her love for me does not come from the bottom of her heart. I don’t need that kind of love!”

Those words coming from him were steely, yet he could still feel his heart skip a beat when the words rolled off his tongue.

In fact, he had never thought of breaking up with Francesca, but fury consumed him whenever he thought of Francesca’s determination to save William.

On the other hand, Sean dared not speak anymore upon seeing Danrique determined attitude. Hence, he tentatively suggested, “Mr. Lindberg, I think you should communicate with Ms. Felch properly to avoid any misunderstanding.”

“Okay.” Danrique hummed. “Her orphanage is looking for a foundation, right? I want you to gather some information regarding that.”

“Yes, sir. It will be on your table by tomorrow.”

Danrique gave the matter some thought. Francesca cared deeply for the orphanage. If I got rid of the problem faced by the orphanage, she wouldn’t get angry at me for not helping William, would she?”

Though he had never liked noisy chattering kids and hypocritic charitable acts, he would still do it because of her.

I hope she understand my reasons.

“Mr. Lindberg, are you not going to rest?” Sean filled up Danrique’s cup with more tea.

“She’s still angry, so I’ll wait until she calms herself down. I don’t need another fight with her.” Danrique continued going through the files.

“Okay.” Sean noticed the changes in Danrique almost immediately. After all, from his point of view, Danrique was no longer the prideful and indifferent man he used to be. He learned how to take the initiative to communicate and put himself in others’ shoes. In fact, he had changed a lot.

Unfortunately, Francesca was unaware of all that.

She was back in the room, angry and frustrated.

That piece of sh*t! How dare he accuse me of marrying him and having s*x with him for William’s sake! He jumped at me like a beast. I didn’t resist and gave him all of me because I love him. How could he think of me in such a filthy way? Da*n it! Why is he not trying to save those people? Didn’t he say he wouldn’t be in any loss even if he saved William? That’s eighty over lives we’re talking about! Are they nothing at all to him?

Needless to say, Francesca was perplexed.

At that moment, her phone started vibrating. She quickly found her phone on the couch and answered the call, “Monica.”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Felch. I hope I’m not disturbing you.”

“That’s all right. It’s just me alone in the room right now.”

“I wanted to visit, but they said I shouldn’t be bothering you, especially when I’m still injured, so…”

Though Monica’s way of conveying her message was rather implicit, she was trying to tell Francesca that the Lindberg family didn’t want her to meet Francesca.

“You should rest well, and not run around as you please.” Francesca was not bothered by the message. “What about your injuries? Is the doctor good?”

“I’m fine. I’m just worried about His Highness.”

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