Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2139

Chapter 2139 Persistence

“Oh, is that so?” said Danrique. He became even angrier after hearing what she said. “So you won’t marry me unless I save him, huh? Does that mean you have only agreed to marry me for his sake? You came back to me for his sake, so did you also sleep with me to help him?”

“You!” She was stunned for a second there, but she soon became so angry that she turned into a shade of red. “Danrique Lindberg, you a*shole. Go to hell!”

After yelling all that, she grabbed a pen from the desk and threw it at him before leaving in a puff.

Danrique glared at her back. He was just as angry and was fuming.

“What’s wrong, Mr. Lindberg? Did you two get into a fight?” asked Sean cautiously as he opened the door and entered the room.

“Isn’t that freaking obvious?” said Danrique angrily.

“Right,” replied Sean. He quickly explained himself. “I saw Ms. Felch leaving earlier in a puff. She was so angry that she didn’t even notice me greeting her.”

“That stupid woman,” grumbled Danrique. The mere mention of her got him fuming again.

“Isn’t everything fine just earlier? How did the two of you get into another fight?” asked Sean who simply didn’t understand what was going on.

“I honestly don’t know what goes on in that mind of her. There are times when she is so sweet and cute, and the way she behaved suggested that her love for me is real. Yet, the moment everything is good, she starts talking nonstop about William. All she thinks about is how to rescue him,” complained Danrique while fuming. “She destroyed whatever romance there was in the air.”

“Ms. Felch is a doctor and takes others’ wellbeing seriously,” said Sean carefully to calm Danrique down. “I think her feelings for Prince William are platonic. I bet she just wants to save him because she is kind and wants to keep her promise.”

Danrique didn’t reply. He simply narrowed his eyes and put on a face that suggested that he was thinking about something.

“You know, I think Prince William is taking advantage of those qualities of hers. He knows how kind she is, and that is why he asked her to come to Xendale to seek your help,” said Sean. “Still, that decision is yours to make, Mr. Lindberg. What do you think? Should we help him?”

“That is not the freaking point,” replied Danrique in a hostile tone. “The issue at hand is the mysterious person who went to the king and told him to keep Francesca there in Danontand. Who is the person? Why doesn’t he want her to spend time with me?”

“Huh? I didn’t even know something like that happened,” replied Sean in a surprised tone. “Could the Atkinson family be the culprit?”

“That is not possible,” replied Danrique firmly. “I met the king before. That old man is old-fashion and takes social status very seriously. As far as he is concerned, only those he deemed as equal have the right to negotiate with him. The Atkinson family definitely doesn’t have what it takes to do that.”

“Are you suggesting…?”

“I have a suspect in mind, but I can’t be certain just yet,” replied Danrique calmly. “There is no need to figure that out for now, though. The culprit will show up eventually.”

“Understood,” replied Sean. He received the implicit message right away. “Still, Prince William shared such an important secret with Ms. Felch and confessed that he was conning her. He even sent her back to Xendale. What do you think he is planning?”

“Obviously, he is trying to get me on his side,” replied Danrique before he scoffed. “He had Francesca send me a message and ask for my help. If I were to aid him in the time of need, he will bow down to me and be my subordinate.”

Danrique paused for a moment before waving his arms in exasperation. “And he did a freaking good job at it.”

“Huh? Oh!” said Sean. He finally got what was going on. “Prince William deliberately lowered his stance and sent Ms. Felch back to Xendale in person to show you his loyalty and desire to be a part of your empire. He even shared a secret that important as a sign of loyalty.”

“You caught up quickly. Guess you’re not a total idiot,” commended Danrique as he glanced approvingly. A moment later, he sneered. “That prince is willing to give up the woman he loves to save himself. He truly is a man of ambition.”

“That’s true. He definitely has the persistence and the determination to make it big,” agreed Sean as he nodded.

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