Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2138

Chapter 2138 Argued

Hearing that, Francesca couldn’t put up an argument. Danrique was right. His strength was that he refused to bow down to others, regardless of how powerless he was. He would always tap into his inner strength and find a way to solve his problems.

William, however, depended heavily on others to help him. But that was understandable, though.

After all, Danrique had his aunt on his side despite having to fight at a young age. She helped him and prepared him for his future. He was also physically fit and could throw a punch, should the situation demand it. William, however, had absolutely nothing.

Naturally, those were just external factors. The most important part was also the most obvious one. Even if William were physically fit, he still wouldn’t be as strong as Danrique.

The two men were fundamentally different. Danrique was inhumanly strong and incredibly persistent. Those qualities were something only a handful of people had.

That was why he became the man he was, and why William remained helpless. At the end of the day, the two men were on different levels. Francesca knew that very well.

The problem was that she couldn’t bear to watch William get into trouble. He had faith in her and had put over eighty people’s lives, including his, in her hands. She couldn’t let them die just like that. She simply couldn’t…

“Are you here to ask me to help William?” asked Danrique. Finally, he got to the point. “Yeah,” replied Francesca. She cut to the chase as well. “It’s just as you guessed. I only returned to Xendale to deal with this matter.”

Danrique frowned deeply upon hearing those words. “I thought you came back for me.”

“I miss you too, but…”

Danrique pushed Francesca away before she could finish speaking.

After that, he turned around and continued reading his documents. He refused to even look at her.

“Danrique,” murmured Francesca as she poked his muscular shoulder with her finger. “Are you mad?”

Danrique ignored her and kept working away.

The lighting in the room made him look even more distant.

Francesca suddenly felt wronged. She didn’t even know what went wrong. They had just begun talking about the matter, and he was suddenly mad.

She didn’t know what her mistakes were.

“Stop working for now. Let’s talk about this,” requested Francesca as she swayed his arm. “This thing with William…”

“Ugh, William this and William that. All you care about is that guy,” roared Danrique angrily. He couldn’t hold his anger in anymore. “You wouldn’t even come to Xendale to talk to me if it weren’t for him, huh?”

“That’s not true. I…”

“You just said that you are back for him!” Danrique pointed out what she said earlier.

“I… Ah!” All the twists and turns had confused her so much that she didn’t even know how to explain the situation. In the end, she simply said, “Ugh, let’s not dwell on that part anymore, okay? The point is that you are the only one who can help William now.”

Danrique didn’t reply. He simply glared at her.

“Okay, let me just clarify something. Will you be affected if you help him?” asked Francesca sternly. “Will it cause you any trouble at all?”

“No,” answered Danrique directly.

“Then, help him,” requested Francesca urgently. “Over eighty lives are depending on you, and saving one can earn you a lifetime of luck. The good karma you’ll get from this will…”

“I don’t need good karma or luck,” replied Danrique. He flung her hand away. “I have committed countless sins in my life, so nothing good will come to me, even if I were to save their lives.”

“But William has already promised that he will take you as his boss and do whatever you want in the future if you help him,” said Francesca. She was panicking a little.

“Oh, puh-lease. There are countless people out there who would love to have me as their boss, so I don’t need William to do that for me,” smirked Danrique.

“You…” said Francesca. His counter had left her utterly speechless, and for a moment there, she didn’t know what to say to convince him to help. In the end, she decided to be unreasonable. “Gah, I don’t care. You must save them, or I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” taunted Danrique as he raised his brows at her.

“I’ll refuse to marry you.”

Francesca couldn’t think of anything, so she said those words to mess with him.

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