Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2131

Chapter 2131 Two Becomes One

The corners of Danrique’s lips quirked up as he watched Francesca chatting friendly with the household staff.

He liked watching her blending into his life and chatting away happily in the house. “I’ll head up first.”

“Go on.” Francesca limped up the stairs slowly with her injured leg and the tail of Danrique’s coat dragging behind her.

Danrique had already reached the upper part of the stairs and intentionally slowed down to wait for her.

However, she still couldn’t keep up. With a frown, he halted his steps and reached his hand out to her.

Francesca pursed her lips and glared at him. Despite that, she still put her hand in his after she caught up to him. With a slight tug from him, he lifted her into his arms.

The long coat slipped onto the stairs, but his steps didn’t falter. He carried her up the stairs toward her room.

“You haven’t explain.”

Francesca’s heart pounded upon seeing the closeup of his handsome face, but she reminded herself to keep her wits with her.

I have to know what’s going on between him and Hazel this time.

Danrique ignored her question and carried her into her room. With a kick to the bathroom door, the door slammed open, and he threw her into the water-filled bathtub.


Water splashed everywhere.

Francesca grasped onto the rim of the bathtub tightly like a lifeline. She sucked in mouthful after mouthful of air into her lungs once her head was out of the water.

Danrique started unbuttoning his shirt while staring at her.

“Danrique, you b*stard!”

Francesca finally caught her breath and slapped the water in the tub.

“If I’m a b*stard, then what are you?”

Danrique tossed his shirt to the side and started on his pants.

“You—” Francesca was about to cuss him out when she noticed he was taking off his pants. “What are you doing?” she exclaimed with surprise.

“What do you think?” After his pants fell to the floor, he stepped into the tub.

“Ah!” Francesca covered her eyes with her hands and turned her back to him. “Y-You don’t come any closer—”

Before she could finish her sentence, Danrique had held onto her nape, turned her around and pressed his lips harshly against her soft ones.

Francesca’s eyes widened with shock. She tried to struggle, but he had her confined to a corner of the bathtub. He grabbed onto her wrists and held them above her head against the wall.

His fervent kiss was like a storm battling her, making her lose her head.

Soon, thoughts of breaking free were thrown out of her mind. Her body trembled in his embrace as passion engulfed her like a tidal wave.

The temperature in the bathroom began to rise. The passion they had for each other overwhelmed them. Their desire couldn’t be suppressed any longer and burned wildly inside them.

Right before he entered her body, Danrique held her face as he panted. “Are you scared?”

Francesca’s tiny body continued to tremble. Panic filled her clear, big eyes, yet she wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him toward her.

“It’ll hurt, so bear with the pain for a bit.”

Danrique nipped on her ear as he lowered his hips. He was like a beast gnawing at her.

Francesca’s body arced from the pain. Tears flowed from her eyes as she bit down hard on his shoulder. Her arms circled his waist tightly and her nails nearly broke his skin.

Danrique was satisfied with her response. He slowed down his movement as he kissed her.

At that moment, the two had become one. The estrangement between them was gone.

Francesca thought she would be repelled and would be scared when she fantasized about this happening. She thought she would reject the idea but was surprised to learn that she was willing to submit herself to the man she loved.

Tenderness stirred within Danrique when he felt how pure and innocent she was. He didn’t dare to move too rashly. Instead, he was very gentle with her.

Snowflakes fluttered outside the window as though they were dancing, cheering for their beautiful love.

After a long while, Francesca tiredly slumped against Danrique’s chest and slowly drifted to sleep like a soft kitten.

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