Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2130

Chapter 2130 Go Home

Danrique merely frowned at her demand and stayed silent. His face was black. He had no intention to communicate nor had the attitude to want to solve the problem. “Danrique—”

“Let’s talk after we get home.” Danrique ended the conversation with that sentence. Even though Francesca was furious, she didn’t want to argue with Danrique in front of Sean and Sloan.

Fine! We’ll talk when we get home. She pulled Danrique’s coat tighter, completely covering herself, and curled up in her seat. Her face was turned toward the window, unwilling to look at him.

Danrique was speechless at her sudden change. This woman changes her attitude faster than how I flip through a book. She was acting cutely in my embrace a minute ago and started throwing a tantrum the next. It’s like they are two different people. Also, she’s way too good at playing the victim. She was the one who flew to Danontand to meet with William and didn’t explain her actions to me. Yet, she’s interrogating my relationship with Hazel. What is this?

Meanwhile, rage pulsed through Francesca’s veins. I wouldn’t have come to Xendale if it wasn’t for Danrique’s involvement in William’s matter. The reason I went to Danontand was to treat my patient. Yet here he was, getting entangled with Hazel again. She’s even calling him now, yet he still doesn’t even want to explain. He is acting as though I don’t have any right to ask him about his affairs while he has every right to ask about mine. What is this? He is such a hypocrite!

The two continued to simmer in anger all the way back to the castle.

After getting out of the car, Monica shouted from afar, “Ms. Felch!”

Francesca hurried over to her. Danrique’s big long coat wrapped her body like a bedsheet. The bottom of the coat was dragging along the ground as she walked, but that was the least of her concern.

“What’s wrong? Does your wound hurt? I’ll treat it immediately once we’re inside,” Francesca asked with concern.

“My injuries aren’t serious, but…” Monica cast a skittish glance at Danrique before leaning in to whisper at Francesca’s ear. “I gave His Highness a call earlier, but the line didn’t go through, so I called Robin to inform him about our safe arrival at Xendale and our meeting with Mr. Lindberg. Robin asked me to take care of you and didn’t say anything else. When I asked him about His Highness’ condition, he changed the topic. I’m worried if something has happened to His Highness.”

“Maybe.” Francesca’s expression turned grave. “I left in such haste. Federico might blame my sudden departure on him.”

“Yeah.” Monica panicked. “What should we do then? What if you beg Mr. Lindberg…”


“Francesca Felch!” Danrique ordered, “Go inside!”

Francesca looked over her shoulder to shoot a vicious glare at him but still followed him inside. She even gestured to Monica that everything would be fine.

“Ms. Monica, I’ve arranged for another doctor to treat your wound. Come this way, please.” Mylo was in charge of Monica’s welfare, so he led her to the other wing.

“Thank you.”

Francesca trailed after Danrique into the castle. Norah and the rest went up to welcome Francesca warmly. “You’re back, Ms. Felch! That’s great! We all missed you!”

“I miss you guys too, Mdm. Norah.”

Francesca greeted them with a smile as though she was the lady of the house who had just returned after a trip.

“I’ve already run you a bath. Please head upstairs for a nice warm bath, and we’ll bring the food up to you in a while.”

Norah was well aware of Francesca’s habits. Francesca would always take a bath the first thing she got home, then have a meal in her bedroom in her pajama. That was the happiest moment for Francesca.

“Thank you, Mdm. Norah and everyone.”

“You’re welcome, Ms. Felch! It’s good to have you home!”

The household staff loved Francesca as Danrique’s mood would be better with her there. As a result, their life would be much better too.

The cold castle felt like home with her presence.

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