Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2126

Chapter 2126 Let Us Have A Bet

When Danrique heard that, he stopped whatever he was doing. Instead, he narrowed his eyes and seemed to be thinking…

Very soon, he picked up his phone and dialed Francesca’s number. The line was busy. “Do you think something has happened to Ms. Felch?” asked Sean anxiously.

“It’s either that, or she has returned to S Nation, or it could be something else…” Danrique gave his order. “Find out what happened.” “Yes, sir!” Sean got to work immediately.

Danrique tried calling Francesca again, but the line was still busy. All of a sudden, he recalled that Francesca had blocked his number a while ago.

Danrique called her again using another phone, only to discover that her phone had been turned off.

It appeared that she might be on the plane though he had no idea if she was heading back to S Nation or Xendale. I think she should be flying to Xendale…

Sean passed the information to Gordon and got him to find out more about Francesca’s situation. He even reminded Gordon, “Mr. Lindberg is very anxious. Try your best to locate Ms. Felch as soon as you can.”

“I’ll get to it right away.” Gordon immediately made the necessary arrangement and asked in confusion, “Why does Mr. Lindberg feel that Ms. Felch may be in trouble or that she has traveled somewhere else after he finds out that Prince William has been taken to the palace?”

“With Ms. Felch’s help, Prince William found out about the poisoning incident in the castle. He then used Ms. Felch’s relationship with Mr. Lindberg and pressured Federico to investigate the incident. But, Mr. Lindberg refuses to cooperate. Federico immediately summoned Prince William and Ms. Felch to the palace. A few hours later, Federico captured Prince William and took him back to the palace. Under these circumstances, there can only be two possibilities. The first one is that Ms. Felch has offended Federico. The other one is that she has escaped.”

After a pause, Sean smiled and asked, “Which scenario do you think is more plausible?”

Gordon was very decisive in his reply. “I think Ms. Felch must have offended Federico. As a result, she ran away. Given her temper, I’m surprised that she didn’t beat Federico up!”

“Hahaha!” Sean burst out laughing. “That’s true. Then again, since she has left safely before William was taken back to the castle, that would mean that Ms. Felch did not lose her temper. If you ask me, I think she has run away.”

Gordon was curious. “Do you think she has flown back to S Nation or Xendale?”

“That’s something I want to know too,” replied Sean with a wry smile. “I guess Mr. Lindberg is even more eager to find out.”

“Let us have a bet.” Gordon rubbed his palms and was very enthusiastic. “I bet you that Ms. Felch has flown to S Nation. Given her foul temper, she will never take the initiative to come to Xendale.”

“I think she is flying back to Xendale,” said Sean with utter confidence. “You have no idea how anxious she is after Mr. Lindberg announces his engagement…”

Gordon could not wait to finalize their bet. “Stop wasting time. If I win the bet, I want your gun that’s made of pure gold.”

“I knew you have been eyeing that gun of mine for a long time…”

“Mr. Lindberg is biased. He only gives it to you and not me.”

“And, what if you lose?”

“What do you want?”

“If you lose the bet, then you will have to promise me something. I will let you know the details later on once I have given it some thought.”


With that, the two men placed their bets on Francesca’s final destination.

Back in the study room, Danrique began to feel restless. Originally, he was reading his documents, but he was not in the mood to do it anymore.

He was worried about Francesca’s safety and wondered what had happened to her.

After waiting for more than ten minutes, no one came to report to him, so Danrique yelled, “Men!”

Sean rushed in. “Mr. Lindberg, Gordon has already arranged for someone to see to it.”

Danrique instructed, “Contact the immigration department of Xendale and find out if there’s any news of Francesca entering Xendale.”

“Yes, sir.” Sean got to it right away and reported, “For the time being, there’s no news. Maybe, there has been a delay, or perhaps—”

“Get them to keep an eye on this and report to you the moment they receive any information.”

Danrique did not want to hear about other possibilities. He hoped that Francesca would fly to Xendale and look for him.

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