Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2124

Chapter 2124 A Huge Bet

Soon, Francesca and Monica reached the airport. They checked in at the counter hastily and got on the plane successfully.

When the plane took off gradually, Francesca gazed at the night view of the busy city out of the window. At that very moment, she felt a rush of inexplicit emotion surging from within her.

Will Danrique be startled to see me later? Will he be happy to see me? Is he going to have an engagement with Hazel? Could it be he intends to make me jealous? Or perhaps it’s his way to suppress William? Didn’t William mention that I might hear rumors or encounter some hardships in Xendale? What could it be?

Surprisingly, she began to have anticipation.

Meanwhile, Robin, who had just woken up in the castle, was riled up after knowing what William had done. “Your Highness, how could you do so? Don’t you know you’ll only put yourself in deep waters by doing so? What if Ms. Felch doesn’t come back again? I reckon Mr. Lindberg will keep her by his side and never let her come to Danontand again. If that happens, who’ll be the one to help expel the poison from everyone’s body? How about your treatment?”

Regardless, William had cooled his head off. “I’d thought about that before. That’s why I’m having a bet on how much Francesca cherishes our friendship and minds her responsibility as a doctor. Most importantly, I’m also betting on Danrique’s devotion toward her.”

He was fully aware that Danrique was not the type of man who would be bothered by trivial matters.

Notwithstanding, he presumed if the latter really loved Francesca, he would most probably grant her wish if she insisted on going back. In other words, he might even come along with her to fulfill her wish. Needless to say, it wouldn’t do him any harm by doing so.

However, there was still a possibility that things might go the other way around. Since Danrique was not a man of good temper, he might disregard Francesca’s feelings and pay no heed to the matter. Inevitably, the risk of the bet is a bit high.

Robin was a bundle of nerves. “It could be riskier than betting on His Majesty’s conscientiousness. At least, His Majesty is still your grandpa. Regardless of anything, he is still mindful of your safety and the royal family’s reputation. Even if he doesn’t feel like investigating further, he won’t let you suffer without batting an eyelid. Nonetheless, if he finds out you went against his will by letting go of Ms. Felch, he’ll surely blow a fuse. By then, he might—”

Robin’s voice trailed off as he dared not finish his words.

William snickered. “You’ve overestimated his conscientiousness. If he were a conscientious man, he wouldn’t disregard me throughout these twenty years. Apart from that, he wouldn’t turn a blind eye to my parents’ death and my leg injury. He wouldn’t exploit the doping issue to threaten me into helping him to achieve his target either. In his eyes, I’m just a worthless, abandoned grandson. My existence means nothing to him.”

“Your Highness…” Hearing that, Robin was bereft of speech.

He was clueless about what William had been through in the castle earlier that day. Nevertheless, he could imagine that the latter must have been through mind-blowing and humiliating moments till he had given up all hope on his grandfather.

Subsequently, he would rather pin his hope on the other two people who were not blood-related to him instead of anticipating that Federico would help him.

“I trust Francesca. She won’t let us suffer without doing anything and leave us behind. I’m convinced that she’ll be back.”

“How about Mr. Lindberg?” Robin queried softly.

William was rendered speechless. No doubt, he was sure as h*ll that Francesca would be responsible for him and everyone else in the castle, but he barely had any confidence in Danrique.

He was not convinced that Danrique would be willing to help him. At the same time, he wondered if the latter would do something extreme. Thus, he was not at ease.

Robin let out a deep sigh. “It’s no point to overthink now. Let’s just bet on it.”

“Yes.” William smiled bitterly. “Unequivocally, fate is just like a bet at times. If I can’t twist the situation this round, I would rather meet my end. After all, it’s meaningless to live on if that’s the case. If I have the chance to stand up again, I’ll surely walk into the castle again and tell everyone that I’m back!”

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