Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2123

Chapter 2123 Seeing Things

As William’s words made a lot of sense, Francesca nodded firmly and replied, “You’re right. I know what to do!” “Go on, then. Stay safe!” William urged.

“Wait for me.” Francesca hurried off, and without looking back, she said, “I’ll come back with Danrique to get you!” “Sure, I’ll be waiting…”

William sat on the sofa while watching Francesca’s departing figure quietly. A complicated glint flashed in his eyes…

After the door was shut, William lowered his head dejectedly. He knew that by sending Francesca away, it meant that he would lose her forever.

He was the one who convinced the woman to leave and told her to stay together with Danrique no matter what. He had personally sent the woman he loved to another man…

He would be lying if he said that he was not sad.

In fact, William did not want Francesca to go. He had considered letting her stay and treat him. Perhaps, she might develop feelings for him after spending half a year together…

They could think of other solutions after that. However, he was still rational enough to know that if he did not make use of the current opportunity, he might never be able to turn things around in the future…

He had been humiliated for the past two decades, and that was his only chance to turn the tables around and regain his dignity.

As such, he was hoping that he had made the right decision by pinning all his hopes on Francesca and Danrique. “Your Highness, Monica is already waiting at the gate,” William’s subordinate reported.

“All right.” William nodded and said, “Push me out.”

“Understood.” When Monica saw William approaching, she hurried over and greeted, “Your Highness!” “Make sure that Francesca gets to Erihal safely and reunites with L,” William reminded again.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure she gets there safely,” Monica promised. “Monica?” Francesca spotted the woman instantly as she walked downstairs carrying her bag. “Why are you here?”

“I’m getting her to escort you back,” William said softly before continuing, “It’s getting late. You should get going.” “OK,” Francesca replied as she hurried toward the car.

“Francesca…” William called out to her suddenly. “Yeah?” Francesca turned to look at the man. “Remember what I told you. Don’t quarrel with L,” William reminded once more. “Also, you must convey my exact message to L.”

“I got it,” Francesca answered before getting into the car. Right after she sat down, she tried to recall what the exact message William wanted her to tell Danrique was.

“Let’s go,” Monica urged the driver. With that, the driver sped off into the night.

Monica passed some items to Francesca, including a cap, her fake identification documents, and a flight ticket. “I’m worried that Federico would get people to stop you at the customs, so I got you a new identity. I hope this would help us board the plane smoothly.”

“Do you think anyone would intercept us on the way to the airport?” Francesca asked while looking out of the window.

“I don’t think so,” Monica replied softly before continuing, “This is my official vehicle. I’m currently carrying out a mission as M Nation’s FBI agent…”

“But they can intercept us on other pretexts.”

Right after Francesca finished her sentence, a few black modified cars could be seen tailing them. The corners of the woman’s lips curled up into a smile before she said, “See that? I’m right.”

“Why are those people so annoying?” Monica frowned as she continued, “I can’t believe they have been guarding outside the castle all this while.”

“Yeah. They were not going to give us a chance to escape…” Francesca sneered before saying, “But it seems like there are only three cars. Aren’t they supposed to have more people?”

“His Highness had arranged for another vehicle to drive out from the back gate at the same time we left, to serve as a distraction. I think the rest of them had gone after that car instead. That’s why there are only three cars tailing us.”

Monica remained calm as she said to the driver, “Speed up.”

“Sure!” “Let me drive…”

Francesca swapped seats with the driver without waiting for him to reply. The next moment, she turned the steering wheel and floored the accelerator.

Before her pursuers could react, the car had already disappeared in sight. Where did they go? Was I seeing things just now? The men in the car were shocked.

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