Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2122

Chapter 2122 Protected

“I won’t be able to leave?” Francesca was momentarily stunned when she heard that. “Why?” she asked a moment later.

“Don’t you understand?” William was overwhelmed with panic. “You know so many secrets about the royal family. If not for the fact that you’re Danrique’s girlfriend, you would have already been killed.”

When Francesca heard that, she widened her eyes in disbelief. Indeed, that had never crossed her mind, and she suddenly realized how naive she was.

She had assumed that she would be trapped there for half a year at most, and after curing the people in the castle, she could concentrate on treating William’s leg.

After everything was settled, she would leave and reunite with Danrique. However, Francesca was beginning to realize that the situation was far more complicated than she had imagined.

During those six months, not only would there be a lot of women from prestigious families vying to be Danrique’s woman, she might also lose her life if she was no longer Danrique’s fiancée.

If I get killed, what would happen to Anthony? What would happen to Ms. Layla and Lincoln? How about the orphanage? “I can’t die.” Francesca snapped out of her thoughts and exclaimed, “I need to stay alive!”

“You finally understand what’s going on.” William sighed before continuing, “Francesca, you should leave before it’s too late. Leave Danontand tonight and look for L in Erihal…”

“But I can’t leave you guys alone.” Francesca put her hand to her forehead in frustration and said, “Let me try to think of a better solution.”

“Francesca, just listen to me,” William started panicking again. “You should head to Erihal and look for L first. When you see him, tell him all about what’s happening here. Also, I need you to convey my message to him…”

“What message?” Francesca asked subconsciously.

“Tell him that I need his help. If he’s willing to help me this time, I’ll do anything to repay him!” William enunciated each word clearly.

“Oh!” Francesca did not think much about it and merely nodded. “You mean, you want me to leave first and get Danrique to come and rescue you? That sounds like a good plan too…”

The woman was only considering whether she should leave or not and did not ponder over William’s words. “But, will Federico make things difficult for you if I leave?”

“That’s why you need to do that without anyone noticing,” William quickly replied before continuing, “I will get someone to prepare some fake identification documents for you. You should disguise yourself before I get my men to send you to the airport.”

“Seems like you’ve already gotten everything planned out…” Only then did Francesca realize what was going on. “Sure, I’ll do as you say. I’ll go upstairs and get changed now.”

“Wait a minute,” William stopped her and reminded, “Ignore any situations you might encounter along the way and just focus on leaving this place. If you hear any rumors in Xendale, don’t pay attention to them. Your priority is to meet L. You have to do anything you can to see him. When you meet him, don’t throw any tantrums or start any arguments…”

The man took a pause before changing the way he spoke. In a more direct manner, he said, “What I mean is, no matter what, don’t break up with him. You have to continue being his fiancée.

It is even better if you can marry him right away and make it public. I’m not trying to make use of you by saying all these, but this is the only way to keep you safe and also not affect the orphanage.”

“Is it really that serious?” Francesca was slightly confused. “Is knowing those secrets about the royal family serious enough to get me killed? And even affecting the orphanage?”

“The prestige of the royal family cannot be violated. Given your reputation as the miracle doctor, what you say holds a lot of weight. If you leak out their secrets, the royal family’s honor would be tainted. Besides, you were rather rude to the king and princes that day at the palace. Do you think they would let you off?”

William said seriously before continuing, “Also, you said that you love L very much and that he’s the only man you would ever marry. If that’s the case, it’s not worth it throwing a fit over small matters. By staying together, not only will you be able to be with the man you love, but both you and the orphanage will also be protected. Don’t you think that’s a win-win solution?”

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