Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2121

Chapter 2121 Bet

William lowered his head and uttered in a sorrowful voice, “I know, I know.” Of course, he knew but he had no other choice. It didn’t matter when he would die—the end was coming for him, regardless.

However, he believed he should at least make a gamble. Before, he placed all his hope on Federico. He wished there was still kindness in the old king and that he would be given another chance once he saw his good qualities.

After what happened today, his hope was dashed. Is it because I was discarded for so long that Federico has wholly ignored my value? He didn’t even bother to pretend…

Federico’s contemptuous attitude made William give up on their familial relationship. At that moment, he would rather bet on Francesca and Danrique.

He hoped they would be willing to give him a hand, either out of love or friendship. Perhaps, it would be a far more effective strategy than getting Federico’s affection.

“Since you know, then fight against your fate till the bitter end,” Francesca uttered righteously. “Don’t worry, I won’t stand by and let you all die. That’s not something a doctor will do.”

“But have you thought about L? If you don’t go back in time, what will you do if he gets engaged with someone else?” William reminded.

“If he changes his mind that quickly, then there’s nothing for me to be sad about. If he’s going to marry someone because we didn’t meet each other for half a year, then that means he has never truly loved me.”

“I’m not judging your relationship with L. I’m just saying that there are things that can’t be prevented.” Once again, he reminded with a serious tone. “Do you know how many influential and powerful people are doing their best to marry their daughters off to him? When you’re not around, they’ll create all sorts of opportunities to make that happen. Not only that, but those women will also use various seduction techniques to get their hands on him. If he falls for one of their traps and that woman is backed with prestigious status, he’s not getting out of that sticky situation. When that happens, there’ll be nothing you can do.”

It hurt Francesca’s head when she heard that. “Isn’t he just a man? Is all this really necessary?”

“L isn’t an ordinary man,” William answered in a serious tone. “He represents the various resources of the world’s top business families. He also has so much money that no one can finish spending it over the course of several lifetimes. Even I, a prince, is only a side character in front of him. You’re usually pretty carefree, so you may not see how precious and important he is. However, others may not think the same way—”

“All right, I get it.” She cut him off. “I know he’s excellent and awesome. However, there’s nothing I can do if he really changes his mind. Besides, he never forgot about me in our seven years apart. Why are you suddenly repeating those rumors?”

“His foundation wasn’t stable in the past. Things are different now…” William explained. “He had expanded into the Epean market and stabilized his foundation. Not only that, he got rid of Frank. Now, the three great families won’t dare to have any ideas about him. Even the president will need to treat him politely. Currently, he’s standing at the apex of the world. Many people look up to him, but many others also want to be his ally, including my grandfather!”

“All right. He’s that impressive and popular, huh?” Francesca chuckled self-deprecatingly. “So what? In my eyes, he’s just Danrique. His status and identity have nothing to do with me. I’m going to call him and tell him about my current situation. If he truly loves me, he’ll wait half a year for me.”

Without delay, she pulled out her phone and prepared to call Danrique.

“Frannie!” William quickly stopped her. “Don’t be stupid! If you tell him you’re staying here with me for half a year, your relationship with him will be screwed.”

“Why?” She still didn’t understand.

“There’s no way a prideful man like him will allow you to ignore him again and again. Not only that, you’re doing it for another man.” Panic was heard in his voice. “More importantly, if you don’t leave now, you’ll probably never going to leave here.”

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