Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2119

Chapter 2119 Truth

William thought about it for a while before saying, “I’ve thought about it for a long time, but I still can’t figure out how to tell you.” Francesca kept mum and waited.

William then lowered his head and took a deep breath. “Francesca, I’m sorry. I’ve lied to you. From the beginning, I knew I have been poisoned, and I knew the problem came from the water supply.

I tricked you into coming here. There are two reasons why I’ve done so. Firstly, you’re the only person who can save us from the poison and cure my leg. Secondly, you can see how His Majesty doesn’t even care about whether I live or die.

Even if everyone in the castle were to die because of the poison, he’ll just brush me off when I tell him about it. Nothing good will come out of it. Although I don’t care if I live or die, I can’t let others die with me. Hence, I got you to investigate the water supply so that Federico would pay attention to it. After that, I wanted to use your name to prove the matter.”

William paused and lowered his head shamefully before adding, “I know I’m shameless and despicable. However, I had no choice.”

“Did you get Robin to report to Federico? Did you tell him to reveal my relationship with Danrique?” Francesca queried. “Yes.” William nodded. “I’ve planned it all out. I’ve used you and lied to you.”

With that, he hung his head low and dared not look Francesca in the eyes.

To his surprise, Francesca wasn’t angry at all. In fact, she didn’t seem displeased. In a calm tone, she said, “I have guessed that much. I’m angry, but I understand why you’ve done that. You have the lives of so many people on your shoulders.”

“Are you not blaming me?” William was taken aback.

“Not really.” Francesca seemed rather calm. “As a friend, I’m quite pissed off. You could’ve just told me you needed help. Why did you have to lie to me?

As a doctor, however, I understand that you were just trying to save their lives. If I were in your shoes, I would also do the same thing to save my orphanage. Therefore, I understand how you feel. However, unlike you, I would tell my friends the truth instead of lying.”

“I’m sorry. I was wrong,” William apologized with his head hung low. “I didn’t know things would get so complicated. I thought I would burden you if I had told you the truth from the beginning.

Besides, if L knows the truth, he wouldn’t let you come to Danontand. With your status, I thought I could get everything sorted out. I’ve planned to apologize to you and L once everything is settled. However, who would’ve known something else would happen?” William sighed.

“You didn’t expect me to break up with Danrique at this crucial moment, right? At the same time, the media had even announced his engagement with Hazel.” As soon as Francesca finished talking, she suddenly realized something. Could it be that Danrique was aware of William’s plan, so he had purposely tried to trouble William?

Although she had that in mind, she didn’t voice it out. Instead, she asked William again, “Why are you only telling me the truth now? Did Federico say something to you?”

Francesca was smart enough to know that William wouldn’t talk about romance when there were so many things happening. He had been beating around the bush. There must be something else he’s not saying.

After giving it a lot of thought, William finally revealed, “Federico promised me he will look into the matter. However, he has a request.”

“What is it?” Francesca asked.

“H-He wants me to keep you in the castle for at least six months.” William raised his gaze toward Francesca and decided to tell the truth.

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