Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2118

Chapter 2118 Hopeless

“Of course, I do,” Francesca answered unhesitatingly. “Why are you asking me that all of a sudden?”

“I want to know how deeply are you in love with Danrique. Do you still like him now that you know he’s about to get engaged to someone else?”

“He’s just angry at me. He’s pissed off because instead of going to him, I’ve come to Danontand. Hence, he’s doing that just to piss me off and get me to find him in Xendale.” Francesca then uttered frankly, “Although I fight and argue with him, I’ve never thought about breaking up with him.”

“Alright.” William flashed a faint smile and said, “L is rich, handsome, and a good fighter. He’s a perfect man. I bet he is every woman’s dream.”

“All those qualities of his don’t matter to me.” Francesca shook her head. “Even if he becomes poor, ugly, and defenseless, I’ll still like him.”

That was the first time she had said those words because no one had ever asked her those questions. Now, I know what I truly want for myself. I’m deeply in love with Danrique. If I were to marry someone, it has to be him. Otherwise, I would rather remain single.

“Is that so?” William shot a conflicted look at Francesca. “I envy L so much…”

Indeed, William was utterly jealous of Danrique. Not only does he have Francesca as his girlfriend, but he’s also a strong fighter. Besides, his aunt is always protecting him and helping him. On the other hand, I have nothing. What if I had a body like his and someone helping me in life? Will my life be different? Will I have met Francesca? Will Francesca love me as much as she loves Danrique?

“You’ll find someone.” Francesca smiled and comforted him, “You’re also an impressive man. You’ll surely find someone you truly like.”

“There’s no other woman in the world who’s better than you.” William stared at Francesca with an emotional gaze.

“How could that be? There are so many women prettier and kinder than me—”

“Francesca.” William interrupted her speech and asked, “What if I tell you I like you? Will you give me a chance?”

“What?” Francesca was stupefied because that had never crossed her mind. No matter how many people had told her about it, she never thought William would be into her. Is he for real?

“I’m serious.” William then confessed his feelings to her. “In fact, I’ve already fallen for you when you came to my castle to treat me for the first time. Otherwise, why would I risk my life to look for you? After that—”

Francesca quickly cut him off and said, “William, we’re friends.”

With that sentence, she had revealed her stance.

She had only ever considered him a friend and nothing more.

“You guys have broken up, right?” William was still holding on to a sliver of hope inside. “Will I ever stand a chance?”

“I don’t think we’ve broken up. He’s just throwing a tantrum, and everything will be all right when we meet each other,” Francesca uttered confidently. “Besides, even if I have broken up with him, I would rather stay single for the rest of my life.”

With that, she had killed all his hopes and dreams.

William wanted to say something in response, but he merely sighed and said, “Okay.”

“You’ve already wasted so much time talking about something else. Can we go back to the topic at hand?” Francesca asked anxiously. “What on earth happened?”

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