Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2117

Chapter 2117 An Honest Conversation

Francesca wasn’t pleased when she figured out the truth. William had taken advantage of our friendship and my sincerity. I trusted him, and I was sincerely trying to help him. Despite what others had said about him, I’ve never doubted him. However, he had lied to me and used me. Still, why do I not hate him now that I know the truth?

Instead, I feel bad for him. He’s a prince and a victim. Not only did he have to endure being oppressed and schemed against for twenty years, but the lives of over eighty people in the castle are also at risk. He had been bullied, and he couldn’t even defend himself. He even had to use Danrique to get a chance to have the matter investigated. The person who’s supposed to uphold justice is his own family member.

Francesca felt very sorry for William. I think everyone will feel sorry for him. After all, he’s not doing this for himself. He’s responsible for the lives of over eighty people. If I were in his shoes, I would definitely tell my friends the truth and get them to help me instead of lying to them. That’s where we’re different.

However, I didn’t have to go through what he had gone through. I can’t judge him, but I feel for him. That aside, could it be that Federico had thought things through? Will he look into the matter, or was he just acting? Furthermore, William looked troubled when he came back just now. Will he tell me the truth when we meet in the study room later?

With a concerned mind, Francesca got dressed and went to the study room.

When she arrived there, William had already changed into a clean set of casual wear, and he was sitting quietly on the sofa. However, he seemed like he had caught a cold because his legs were covered up with a rug, and he was holding a cup of coffee in his hands.

With his head lowered, he seemed troubled. In fact, he appeared rather lonely. “William?” Francesca called his name softly.

William didn’t hear her, and he was still in a daze. The maid next to him uttered softly, “Your Highness, Ms. Felch is here.” William returned to his senses and raised his gaze toward Francesca. “Hey, Francesca!”

“Hi.” Francesca sat on the sofa opposite him. Seeing how troubled he looked, she couldn’t help but ask, “Is Federico not going to investigate the matter?”

“It’s not that.” William flashed a half-smile. “What is it, then?” Francesca asked in a puzzled tone. William fell into deep thought for some time before saying, “Have you eaten? Let’s eat.”

With that, he gestured for the maids to serve dinner. “Leave us,” William uttered. “Yes.” All the maids left the room. William then gestured to the subordinates standing by the door. Seeing that, they left as well.

“What happened?” Francesca was growing anxious. William didn’t know how to express himself, so he merely lowered his head and started eating.

Francesca then asked anxiously, “Is Federico going to investigate the matter or not? Is he angry because you and Robin had lied to him? Or is he—”

William interrupted her speech and answered, “He said he’ll look into it. However, he needs time.” “How much time does he need?”

“He didn’t say.” William shook his head. “It seems like he’s just dragging the time.” Francesca was enraged. “In the end, he’s just going to forget about the matter.”

William kept silent and drank his soup. “Why aren’t you saying anything? What happened?” Francesca asked.

William put his utensils aside and wiped his mouth with a napkin. After staring at Francesca for a while, he said, “I need to ask you a few questions first, Francesca.”

“What?” Francesca was stumped. Aren’t we talking about him? Why does he want to ask me questions?

“I need your answers before deciding what to do.” William took a deep breath and asked sternly, “Do you like Danrique?”

That was the first time he had addressed Danrique by his name. Before that, he would only address him as L.

When he addressed Danrique that way, it sounded distant.

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