Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2116

Chapter 2116 Lonely

Francesca returned to William’s castle and saw Robin sitting in the wheelchair weakly, telling the subordinates what to do. Enraged, Francesca scolded, “Robin, don’t you know you’re heavily injured? Why are you up? Don’t you want to live?”

“Ms. Felch…” Robin was panting heavily. “They went out to get the medicine, but they couldn’t find any. I got worried, so I got up to tell them what to do.”

“What? Those medicines are very common. Why couldn’t they find any?” Francesca asked in a puzzled tone. “In fact, they can be found in any drugstore. In Zarain, those medicines can even be found online!”

“Ms. Felch, we’ve spent the past two days trying to buy those medicines. However, everyone said those medicines are all sold out.”

“They aren’t sold out. Those sellers just don’t want to sell them to us. I saw some of the shops have it, but when we asked the owners about it, they immediately put the medicines away.”

While describing what they had encountered, the subordinates were all getting anxious.

“Someone must’ve instructed them to not sell to us.”

“Those people just want us to die!”

The subordinates were outraged.

“Shut up!” Robin roared. “Stop being so dejected! We’ll find a way.”

“Okay.” The subordinates dared not say anything further.

“You guys may leave. I’ll discuss it with His Highness when he comes back,” Robin ordered.

“Yes.” The subordinates left.

After they left, Robin pressed against his wounds. At that moment, he was breaking out in a cold sweat, and he looked like he was about to die.

Francesca quickly got someone to bring Robin into the ward. After tending to his wounds and putting him on a drip, she uttered, “Rest well, okay? I’ll talk to William about the medicines later.”

“Thank you, Ms. Felch—” Robin fainted before he could finish his sentence.

Francesca felt terrible when she saw the state Robin was in and how worried the others looked. I don’t get it. What atrocity did William commit? Why do these people want him dead so badly? Why do they want the people in his castle to die as well?

Right then, a subordinate announced, “His Highness is back!”

Shortly after, a subordinate was seen pushing William in.

William’s clothes and hair were drenched due to the rain, but he was unfazed. He asked about Robin the moment he arrived at the scene.

Francesca told him what happened and uttered softly, “I’ve already examined him. He should be fine now. Let’s talk outside, okay? We should let him rest.”

“Go have a shower and get changed. We’ll meet in the study room,” William said thoughtfully.

“Okay.” Francesca didn’t spare the matter further thought and went straight to her room.

When she was showering, Francesca recalled what had happened that day. At the same time, she felt something amiss when she thought about what Federico said.

After mulling over it for a while, she suddenly realized something. Well… Maybe, just maybe, William has an ulterior motive when he came to look for me. Besides, there’s a possibility he’s trying to take advantage of my relationship with Danrique to get Federico’s attention. Also, Robin might not have been acting on his own when he reported to Federico. That could be William’s order. These are rather obvious. It’s just that I’ve never doubted William because I trusted him.

In addition, Francesca had always been simple-minded and never had disputes with others. Hence, she was never willing to think badly about others.

However, she wasn’t stupid.

Upon some pondering, she could tell what was going on.

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