Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2115

Chapter 2115 Get Rid Of Her

“Besides, I could tell you have feelings for Dr. Felch, right? I’m sure you’ll be glad if you get to keep her in the country.” “But…”

“Stop acting like a naggy wench.” Federico did not want to waste his energy on William anymore. “If you want me to investigate the contamination of the water source, then do as I say. Otherwise, I’ll turn a blind eye to that incident. And I’ll still get your cousins to do the job on your behalf. If this happens, trust me, you’ll not get anything out of it.”

Federico’s warning sounded like a threat. William knew he had no choice but to resign to his fate. “All right, Grandpa. I’ll heed your advice.”

“That’s more like it,” Federico responded with a smile of satisfaction. “Everything I’m doing now is for your own good. After all, you’re my successor and will take over my position in the future. Besides, your leg will only recover in another half a year. Isn’t it great to have her take care of you?”

“Yes.” William decided to play along and not refute Federico.

“You can leave now.” Federico gestured for him to go. “Go back and take a rest.”

William froze for a moment. “But they’re already here, aren’t they?”

He thought Federico would reprimand his cousins in front of him and investigate the poisoning of the water source. But he asked me to leave, so…

“It takes time to sort things out,” Federico explained. “I’ll keep my promise and look into it, so don’t worry. Have faith in your grandpa, okay?”

William could only keep mum after getting Federico’s reassurance. He nodded and said, “All right. Got it.”

Federico then gestured for a subordinate to come in and wheel William out.

Before leaving, William heard his cousins greeting Federico. “Grandpa, we miss you!”

Federico responded with a laugh. “Come, come. We have top-grade red wine to go with tonight’s dinner.”

Listening to his affectionate laughter and observing how they exchanged pleasantries made William question if Federico would fulfill his promise and investigate them for the water contamination issue. What a happy family.

William felt a prickling pain in his heart. As a breeze brushed through his face when he looked to the sky, he seemed to have come to his senses.

Federico was an old, sly fox who used the throne as bait to get him to betray his friend.

The so-called investigation and succession plan were nothing but just empty promises.

In the end, Federico would get a few scapegoats to take the blame to appease William.

Federico could also easily exclude him from the succession plan with the reason that William was not qualified and not suitable to ascend to the throne. How ironic. How naive of me to believe all the promises he made.

William thought Federico would feel a pang of guilt after listening to what Francesca said. He thought Federico would be willing to groom him to become the next king because he finally saw potential in him.

At that moment, William finally realized he was nothing but a pawn.

Federico might have taken William back, but this did not change the fact that he still regarded the latter as a useless pawn—a pawn that would always be at his disposal.

After leaving the hall, William narrowed his eyes, looked up at the gloomy sky, and realized it was about to rain. The overcast weather was exactly the reflection of his feelings.

William lowered his eyes and remained silent while waiting for the subordinate to carry him to the car.

A downpour ensued while he was on his way back.

William looked into the rear-view mirror and noticed a few luxury cars behind and the subordinates standing around them. He also saw the smug looks on the subordinates’ faces.

After glancing at the castle amidst the misty rain, he realized how stony-hearted and inhuman that place was and was disgusted by it.

William clenched his fists. One day, I’ll stand on my own feet and enter the castle with my head held high while trampling on their blood.

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