Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2114

Chapter 2114 Friends Are Meant To Be Betrayed

Many things could happen if he did not allow her to leave the castle. William could use his illness to make Francesca stay by his side but not for long.

Besides, Francesca and Danrique had reached an agreement back then, so that was why she was not in a hurry to leave. However, judging by the current situation, William could only lock her in the castle if he wanted her to stay.

Danrique used their engagement as an excuse to get Francesca to go back because he wanted to meet her as soon as possible.

Deep in William’s heart, he understood the consequence his action might cause. Danrique would definitely be offended if I were to pull a trick on her to stop her from leaving.

“Don’t worry about that,” Federico said icily. “Your cousins are still waiting outside. Make up your mind.” “Your Majesty…”

Federico interrupted as he had run out of patience. “Even if you disagree with the plan, I still have other plans in mind to stop her from leaving. I can always hand the task to your cousins, and I’m sure they’ll be more than willing to accept it.”

William’s expression turned grim instantly. He knew Federico was capable of doing many things.

Likewise, he knew his cousins were all despicable, vicious, and cunning men who would resort to all sorts of dirty tricks. Should that happen, Francesca would be in trouble.

“William…” Federico patted his shoulder gently and advised him patiently, “You’re an all-rounder, but you’re just too indecisive like your father because you care too much for people you have feelings for. This attribute of yours will hinder you from becoming a formidable king.”

After a short pause, Federico continued, “I’m not just testing you, but I’m also trying to guide you to attain your goal and to become a decisive person! William, I hope you understand my intention.”

“Yes, I do…” William nodded. “But Your Majesty, I’m afraid we’ll offend Danrique if we do that…”

“Of course, we would not do anything that will step on his toes,” Federico said with a smirk. “We’re just helping him get rid of a stumbling block. What do young people know about love anyway? Soon, he’ll forget about this Dr. Felch and fall in love with another woman.”

“Another woman?” William seemed to have read between the lines. “Did you meet with someone from Erihal? Is it the president?”

It was clear that the president of Erihal wanted Danrique to marry his daughter. That was why he came to M Nation to get Federico’s help to stop Francesca from returning to Erihal.

William knew what his grandfather had in mind. He knew Federico would not have agreed to take the risk if the Atkinson family was the one who approached him.

Since the president of Erihal was the one who sought his help, Federico knew he would benefit greatly had he managed to do the president a favor. Moreover, Federico was also a traditionalist who believed a man should marry a woman with similar family background.

That was why Federico did not believe Danrique was in love with Francesca. It probably is just puppy love. Perhaps, Danrique is merely trying to relive his teenage dream. Once he loses interest in that woman, he’ll forget about her.

That was also why he was not afraid of offending Danrique. In fact, he felt getting rid of an ordinary girl was just nothing to write home about.

Yet, William begged to differ. He knew Danrique was serious about Francesca and would not give her up easily.

He had not done anything that had crossed the line because he knew he was still no match for Danrique.

“You’re getting on my nerves, William.” Federico had lost all his patience. “Stop questioning my motive. Just do as I say.”

“But Grandpa, Francesca is my friend…”

“Friend?” Federico responded with a cold snort. “Friends are meant to be betrayed!”

William froze for a minute as he could not believe his ears.

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