Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2113

Chapter 2113 Plan

“Go to hell, b*stard!” Francesca gritted out. Nevertheless, rage continued to boil in her, and she began composing a message to Danrique. As she typed, she cursed, “Douchebag, you’d better remember to refrain from all sex even if it kills you; you have to wait until I’m back and done talking to you. If you dare to cheat on me, I’m going to slaughter you!”

Silas could not help but shudder as he listened to her swearing. She’s terrifying! But she seems young, so she’s probably just a feral girl. What are the chances she’s someone who can deal with Mr. Lindberg?

Just as those thoughts crossed his mind, a truck abruptly appeared on its way toward them. The driver could not turn in time, and right as their car was about to collide with it, Francesca pounced at the driver’s seat. She reached out her hands and swiftly turned the steering wheel as she bellowed, “Don’t step on the brake; step on the accelerator!”

The driver did as he was told. In the next second, the car swayed to the side and went on two wheels as it narrowly sped through the gap between the truck and the guardrail.

The car continued to drive slanted on one side for a few more minutes before it landed back on four wheels.

The driver was scared senseless.

However, Francesca calmly patted his shoulders and said, “Calm down and drive slowly.”

Then, she casually leaned back in her seat and continued typing out her message to curse at Danrique.

It had been a harrowing and thrilling moment, but to Francesca, it was as if the moment was just a trivial experience.

Silas was stiff against his seat with a colorless face as he grabbed his chest and held his breath.

A long while later, he came back to his senses and tentatively asked, “Dr. Felch, you were unbelievable. Do you know how to drive?”

“Spot on, Captain Obvious,” Francesca replied.

Silas did not dare to ask her any more questions, but in his mind, he secretly labeled the young woman as someone complicated.

Simultaneously, at the palace, William was telling Federico, “You can consider Francesca as someone simple who has nothing against the world. But you can also consider her as someone complicated. She has extraordinary medical knowledge and various marvelous skills, so she’s not someone to be easily crossed. Moreover, she saved the lives of many prominent figures. If something happens to her, I’m afraid there will be many people taking revenge for her.”

“Aren’t you bold with your words?” Federico sneered in disdain. “How capable can a twenty-year-old girl be? And you say that many prominent figures will take revenge for her? I’d like to know who those people are!”

“Your Majesty—”

“That’s enough,” Federico icily cut him off. “I’m not asking you to do anything to her right now; I’m only asking you to keep her in the castle and stop her from leaving. Why are you overthinking the matter?”

“Francesca’s relationship with Danrique has recently deteriorated. She’ll soon be on her way to Xendale, and I won’t be able to stop her,” William explained. “However, I’m certain that she’ll return to treat me once she’s done settling her matter with Danrique.”

“You mustn’t let her go,” the old king uttered without beating around the bush. “Don’t you understand that you can’t let her meet Danrique?”

William froze. He had sensed something amiss earlier, but it was only at that moment he realized what Federico was trying to tell him.

He blurted out, “Why?”

Nevertheless, he realized something in the next second. “Grandpa, did someone come to look for you?”

Federico sipped his tea in silence.

His silence made William’s heart lurch. All of a sudden, he realized how naive he had been.

Federico had been the king for decades, and there was no doubt he was an observant, smart man. The old man knew about his matters all along, but he never once intervened. Hence, how could he have abruptly sobered up after Francesca’s words?

The truth was that, Federico had known about Francesca and Danrique’s matter before they came to meet him.

Federico was not the one who looked into these matters; someone told him about them. At the same time, they had struck a deal with Federico to get Federico’s assistance in certain matters.

One of those matters would be for William to think of a way to keep Francesca in the castle for half a year.

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