Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2112

Chapter 2112 Threatening Danrique

“Very well.” Federico nodded. “The girl is right. In terms of character, you’re thousands of times better than your cousins. You’ve managed to live until now in an environment like this, and you’ve managed to make the company you’ve started up to one of the top hundred companies.

Furthermore, you were capable of working with someone impressive like Danrique. That alone is proof of your capability. If you buck up, you’ll naturally be the best heir for the throne.”

“Thank you, Grandpa.” “Don’t be in such a haste to thank me,” Federico cut him off. “I have a task for you. I’ll only consider you for the role if you can complete it.”

“Of course. Please feel free to ask anything from me.”

Silas personally sent Francesca back. When they turned around the corner of the corridor, they encountered a few handsome young men walking toward them.

Silas lowered his head as a gesture of respect toward them, and the few young men did the same in return.

In contrast, Francesca remained stony-faced. She glanced at them with cold eyes, knowing that these were the few cousins who often bullied William.

All of them seemed ordinary, but there was something exceptionally cruel in their blood.

If not for the fact that she did not want to involve William in this, she would have doled out severe punishment for them.

“Is this the miraculous doctor that William hired?”

The princes were all looking at Francesca with evil eyes. In fact, one of them was even looking at her in contempt.

Francesca tightened her fists. Just as she was about to lose control of herself and punch them, Silas hastily urged the few princes to leave.

The young men even turned around to gesture provocatively at Francesca.

Without hesitation, Francesca took off her shoe and flung it at them.

Thump! The shoe hit two of the young men’s heads.

The princes were dumbfounded, for no one had dared to treat them in this way before.

Right as the two princes who were hit were about to kick up a fuss, the rest stopped the two. “This is His Majesty’s place. Have you lost your mind?”

Hearing that, they had no choice but to fume in their spots. On the other hand, Francesca sneered and left.

The look of shock never left Silas’ face as he quickly sent Francesca out of the palace.

After entering the car, Silas observed Francesca, who was in the backseat, through the rearview mirror. He was baffled. She looks normal, so where did she get that aggressive and fearless demeanor from?

In the meantime, Francesca was huffing in anger as she looked at her phone. Danrique had yet to reply to her, and she could not help but think, Is the b*stard for real this time? He’s not going to marry Hazel, is he?

Right in the middle of her contemplation, Sean called, and Francesca picked up the call right away. “Hey, Sean.”

“Ms. Felch, you’re… fine, right?” Sean tentatively asked.

Danrique knew that Francesca had followed William to the palace; he was worried something bad would happen if Francesca ticked the king off with her temper.

Furthermore, they would have a delay in receiving new information about the situation in the palace, so Danrique had gotten Sean to call her.

“My heart’s still beating,” Francesca growled out. “Did Danrique make you call me?”

“I…” Sean cast a helpless look at Danrique.

Danrique shook his head, so Sean had no choice but to say, “I was the one who wanted to call you. Didn’t you call me earlier? I was just wondering if you had something urgent to tell me—”

“You can shut up now,” Francesca snapped. “I’m going to talk, and you’re going to listen.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Sean dared not say anything else.

“Tell that b*stard Danrique that I’ll be clarifying everything in person at Xendale once I’m done settling these matters at William’s side. If he still wants to break up, I won’t insist the relationship continue. However, before we meet up, he’d better stay faithful, or else I’ll castrate him!”

With that, Francesca ended the call.

Silas’ eyes were wide with shock as his jaw dropped.

He had figured out that the one who called Francesca was Danrique’s subordinate, Sean. After snapping at Sean, Francesca changed her target to Danrique and threatened him.

Silas could not believe his ears; he could not believe that the infamous devil, Danrique Lindberg, was getting threatened by Francesca.

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