Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2110

Chapter 2110 Speaking Up

Federico’s words carried heavy and shocking implications. The atmosphere immediately grew tense.

Even the carefree Francesca froze in shock. She instinctively looked at William as an outrageous thought crossed her mind. Could it be true?

Meanwhile, William raised his head and met the king’s gaze. He declared firmly, “Your Majesty, I have nothing to hide nor the courage to manipulate others, especially L!”

William could not have answered Federico’s question more openly than that. The king narrowed his eyes and stared at William. “Then tell me. Did Robin lie?”

Complex emotions filled the king’s gaze. William replied honestly, “Based on the recording I heard, Robin had said nothing but the truth.”

“Is it?” Federico began to doubt himself.

“Why don’t I answer you instead? We’re basically talking about my status as someone’s fiancée.” Francesca continued impatiently, “I was still Danrique’s fiancée before four this morning, but that is no longer the case as we have split up. Then, the media reported on Danrique and Hazel’s engagement. Simple as that.”

“Erm…” Stunned, Silas muttered, “That sounds so childish.” “Why did you break up so suddenly? Was it because of me?” asked William softly.

“It has nothing to do with you. Danrique just went crazy.” Furious, Francesca added, “Robin wasn’t lying, and nor was William. Though I didn’t want to be involved in this or drag Danrique into this mess, things have spiraled to the point where I feel I must explain everything clearly.”

Francesca launched into a lengthy explanation. “Firstly, I’m not lying about the multiple poisoning attempts on William just because we’re close friends. There’s definitely poison in the castle’s water source and the essential oil he was given. He and the eighty-three residents in the castle have all been poisoned; no one can deny that. I may not understand your complicated relationships with one another or anyone’s reasons for pulling such schemes, but I do know that the perpetrator deserves punishment. That’s the enduring law in any country of any era. So why have the facts become something to be covered up when it reaches your ears, Your Majesty?”

She continued, “Are you suspecting William of poisoning himself for the sake of sabotaging someone else? Has the harm and humiliation he suffered all these years been nothing but an act? Did he injure both his legs to land himself in a wheelchair?”

Her argument had been delivered with a demanding aura, which instantly steamrolled over the king. Federico suddenly looked away as though fearful of meeting William’s gaze.

Indeed, no one could dispute the facts. I can’t fault William for borrowing Danrique’s reputation to make an accusation. Someone had sabotaged him first, and he deserves to fight back.

William knew he had little authority in the royal family. No one would bat an eyelid if all the occupants in his castle perished. Sadly, not even the king would have seen fit to punish his other grandchildren for harming him.

That was why William needed to find other ways to convince the king. Alas, Federico seemed to think otherwise.

He clearly believed William had no support and nowhere to turn. Moreover, William wasn’t qualified to inherit the throne. That was why he chose to sacrifice William.


“Let me finish.” Francesca cut off William and said, “He’s your flesh and blood. I don’t understand why you must mistreat him so. Is it because both his parents are dead? Is it because his legs are crippled? Is that why you find him worthless?”

“You!” Federico sputtered with rage. “This is outrageous!”

Undeterred, Francesca said, “You know better than anyone else that talent-wise and character-wise, William is the best candidate for the throne. You’re merely giving up on him because of his impaired legs. Well, let me tell you now that it’s possible to cure his legs! One day, he will stand before you and prove that no one can defeat him!”

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