Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2108

Chapter 2108 Relationships

Inside the inner hall, it was surprisingly warm, just like a luxurious home that didn’t lose its sense of familiarity.

Hanging off the wall was a huge family portrait with many members of the family inside. Sitting in the middle was Federico, who was surrounded by his children and grandchildren.

From the picture, Francesca spotted the young William, who looked exactly the same as he was now. However, he wasn’t paralyzed then and still had a sparkle in his eyes.

His clear and crystal-blue eyes glistened vibrantly, just like the stars in the night sky.

He was leaning against Federico’s knees with a face that was filled with innocence. Anyone who saw him couldn’t deny the happiness he was exuding then.

After all, his healthy parents were standing by the side in the picture.

“When I was young, I couldn’t wait to grow up.” William sighed. “How foolish of me!”

“One has to grow up sooner or later.”

All of a sudden, a sonorous voice rang out from behind them. When Francesca turned around and was greeted by the sight of Federico, she realized that he looked just as warm and kind as he was on the television.

“Your Majesty.” William bowed respectfully.

As for Francesca, she nodded at him out of courtesy.

“Welcome, Dr. Felch.” Federico looked at Francesca intently before shifting his attention to William. “William, you can dispense with the pleasantries. Just call me Grandpa as you have always done so in the past.”

“Yes, Grandpa.” William nodded.

“Please, have a seat.” Federico ushered them.

Without any hesitation, Francesca settled down on the sofa.

Subsequently, the palace attendants served some snacks and Epean tea before moving to the side.

As for Silas, he stood quietly behind Federico with his head lowered.

“Yesterday morning, Robin came to the palace with a report. Thus, I would like to verify it with you now.”

At Federico’s cue, a middle-aged woman who looked like a secretary came forward with a recording pen. After bowing at Federico and William, she began to play it.

The recording contained Robin’s report to Federico. He first informed Federico of how William’s illness acted up again before going on about how the latter had invited an exceptionally skilled doctor to the castle to treat him.

After diagnosing that he had been poisoned, the doctor followed the trails and discovered that the water source at the castle had been spiked, together with William’s essential oils.

Robin had even brought samples of the poisoned water and essential oils to be validated.

Throughout the entire process, Robin explained everything clearly. Never in his report did he mention who the suspect was or how much William had been humiliated over the years.

During the exchange, Federico had a few questions for him but didn’t reveal his thoughts. In the end, he instructed Robin to bring the doctor to the palace so that he could question her.

However, it was then that Robin began to panic and became evasive.

Unfortunately, his reaction ended up raising Federico’s suspicions instead. It was under those circumstances that he mentioned Francesca’s identity.

Up till then, everything was consistent with what Robin had told them, and there were no problems.

However, toward the end, Federico began to focus on Danrique and Francesca’s relationship.

Despite all that Robin had said earlier, Federico barely made a comment. It wasn’t until Robin had mentioned that Francesca was Danrique’s fiancée that he probed further to know if the information was true and if Danrique had openly admitted the fact.

Robin responded in the affirmative and even told him some stories about Danrique and Francesca.

After delving into the matter in detail and verifying that Danrique was serious about Francesca to the extent of getting married, Federico finally eased up. Subsequently, he told Robin that he would personally contact William to inform him of his decision with regard to the matter.

Having heard the entire exchange, the clueless Francesca realized the complex relationships that were involved. Compared to the political machinations against William, Federico seemed to care more about her relationship with Danrique.

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