Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2106

Chapter 2106 The Expectations Of Love

Meanwhile, Danrique had just learned that Francesca was heading to the palace with William. Consumed by rage, he smashed his phone. “That foolish woman!”

I have already threatened her with a breakup. And yet, instead of compromising, she ends up protecting William. Is she just stupid, or does she love William instead of me?

The more Danrique thought about it, the angrier he became.

“Mr. Lindberg, calm down,” Sean consoled him. “I think Ms. Felch is either too kind or naïve. That’s why she is being manipulated by Prince William. Soon, the truth will find its way to her.”

“That’s not being naïve. It’s pure stupidity!” Danrique exploded in anger. “This time, I must teach her a lesson so that she learns once and for all how insidious men can be!”

“But…” Sean decided to swallow his words instead.

“What do you want to say?” Danrique saw through him. “You think I’m being too cruel to William?”

“Prince William’s comeback will only benefit us. He’s one of our partners after all. Once he succeeds as king, the future of our collaboration will be bright. On the other hand, if one of his cousins ascends the throne, we will lose one of our key interest groups. Since we have just expanded to the Epean market, it would be in our interest to broaden our network and gain a foothold instead.”

At that moment, Sean—worried about angering Danrique—paused to observe his reaction.

“Continue.” Danrique gestured.

“I know you’re angry, mostly because Prince William has used Ms. Felch and taken advantage of your identity to achieve his objectives. So all you want to do now is to put him in his place. That, I can understand. But I feel that there’s no benefit in us destroying him. Not only would we lose a partner, but we might also end up antagonizing Ms. Felch.”

Danrique, brimming with emotions, exclaimed, “Are you saying that Francesca will have a fallout with me because of William? After all that I’ve done, can’t that foolish woman see what’s going on?”

“With Ms. Felch’s intelligence and wisdom, I’m sure she’ll figure out sooner or later. But…” Sean pondered for a fleeting moment. “Mr. Lindberg, you have neglected an important point—Ms. Felch is still a doctor!”

“So what if she is?” Danrique was truly clueless.

“As a doctor, she’s born with an inherent sense of justice,” Sean analyzed. “Besides, aren’t Prince William’s enemies real? I’m sure someone has really poisoned him and the inhabitants of the castle. Now that she’s trapped in Danontand, she will want to hold the perpetrator accountable no matter what. Even if she knows that Prince William is using her, I’m afraid she’ll understand his motivations. After all, he’s carrying the burden of a blood feud and has the blood of eighty men on his hands.

“Compared to the heavy responsibilities on his shoulders, his manipulation of her is nothing at all. Long story short, Ms. Felch has nothing to lose. She might get disappointed in Prince William, but she would never have a fallout with him over it. As for you, insisting on teaching Prince William a lesson is the same as squashing any hope of justice for the eighty lives lost in his castle. Therefore, how do you think it looks through the lens of morality?”

Sean’s words cause Danrique to fall into deep thought. Despite seeing the logic in it, he still felt indignant. “Am I really not that important to her compared to William?”

“No, Ms. Felch is fiercely loyal. She’s someone who wears her heart on her sleeve. Hence, her feelings for you are true. As for Prince William, she sees him as a friend at most and sympathizes with him. Nonetheless, she has high expectations of you because of her love for you. That’s in contrast to an ordinary friend from whom she doesn’t expect anything at all.”

After finishing his soliloquy in a single breath, Sean advised, “Didn’t you say that Prince William would call you tonight and beg you for mercy? I think it’s a good opportunity for you to consider whether to give him another chance.”

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